Top 5 AdSense Alternatives for Indian Traffic

Google AdSense is the top most contextual advertising program that is available online in 2018. People are earning thousands by simply using Google Ads on their blogs. Most successful bloggers make a lot of money online simply because they follow simple guidelines and marketing tips strictly. There are some people who get banned from Google AdSense permanently because they fail to observe some simple guidelines and tips as advised. However, if Google AdSense are not working for you and your traffic, there are several other alternatives that you can take into consideration and make as much money as those in Google AdSense. In this brief, I am going to share some of the best alternatives to Google AdSense that has paid closely to what Google ads used to pay for the Indian traffic.

Affiliate marketing

The main reason why I have put affiliate marketing at the forefront is because it works almost the same as Google AdSense. In this category, you just need to promote vendor services and products. When a customer makes purchases through your affiliate ID, you are likely to get a commission from it. This means that you can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing if you adopted some of the most successful marketing strategies.

Just follow the right tactics and you will make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is also one of the easiest ways of making money online. The process needs some little knowledge and if implemented the right way, it can open doors for you. There are several online retailers in India who you can promote their products and make some money from it. In the recent past, Amazon launched their Indian Marketplace and what followed is very promising for affiliate marketers. They launched their associate program for Indian publishers.

Amazon India is selling a wide variety of services and products that you can market and make a significant amount of money from it. They are selling eBooks, mobile phones and several other products.  Amazon is one of them, talk about eBay, Jumia, alibaba and several other online retailers in India who have launched their affiliate marketing programs.

How to make it through affiliate marketing in India?

The first thing is to choose a handful of good products that you are very sure people will love and purchase in the market. Do not promote sensitive products that can pose a different debate in the market among the different age groups. Indians are very sensitive to some of the products that can cause public stir.

After this, the other thing is to use the best channels to promote your products. Most affiliate marketers are blog owners and they are fond of putting ads with the specific product details on their site. Others promote the products through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The next thing is to test, measure and track your affiliate Campaign. Diversify your affiliate marketing strategies so that you will have a wider selection of what works for you and what doesn’t.

Research the demand of the products you are promoting in the market and look for strategies to increase demand which can impact directly into your sales. If you find that the product is highly demanded by young people, then look for strategies to make it known to more of them daily.

Lastly, choose the right merchant and stay current with new methods and Techniques. An affiliate marketer should at all-time be looking for upcoming methods of promoting his/her products or just observing new trends in the market.

You also need to keep in touch with your traffic through web Push notifications to keep them updated with a new service, product or a discount that is offered through your website. This way, they are likely to keep coming and you keep making more money. You cannot let your traffic come and leave without taking an action. Don’t understand what is web Push Notification and also don’t have an insight of how web Push notifications work, You can get help here: Push Notification Explanation.

Direct advertising

If Google AdSense are not for you, you can look for an alternative to make money out of that difficult situation. This is just another very popular Google AdSense alternative that can work well with your Indian traffic. Companies are supposed to directly contact you for marketing services. Since there is a direct contact between you and the advertiser, there is likelihood of a long term relationship. Here, you don’t have to give commissions to third party such as Google AdSense or even BuySellAds. What this means is that you will have an opportunity to keep the full amount of money that you make from direct advertising.

However, for companies to trust you with their advertising needs, you must be someone with a good reputation and have a very large number of daily traffic in your blog. Companies want to advertise with someone that will reach a large number of people on daily basis. The good thing is that in India, it is possible to get a large number of traffics in your blog on daily basis. You just need to promote your blog the right way and everything else will follow.

Research shows that in India, a large number of people spend a significant amount of their time online looking for products to buy, reading articles or just keeping up with the updates. This means that if you adopted a very good mechanism of promoting your blog, you are likely to get an influx of traffic.

Yllix Media and revenue Hits

This is another alternative that most people in the market don’t know about. It has a decent CPM and many monetization options. Although the dashboard may seem difficult to work with, the home page is much easier to work with.

Yllix makes it easier for you to make money through sliders, mobile redirects, layer ads and full page ads. The approval with Yllix Media is easy and they are also a good way of making money for starters.

On the other side, Revenue hits is a very popular and strong network that has been around for a very long time. Some people have worked with Revenue hits and most of them say that this is a good method of mobilizing a satisfactory amount of money at the end of the month. It is a performance Ads network and hence they pay you for results. They pay on CPA basis which is popular and very successful in different niches in the world. Therefore, if you are starting in this venture of making money online, they are a good way to start making money especially in India.

When working with Revenue Hits, make sure that you keep their ads active for about 4-5 days to see the best results. There are several other monetization channels that are available. With this great channel, you can create banner ads, sliders, buttons and pop-under. This Channel pays on a NET 30 basis and make their payments through PayPal, payoneer and Wire.

Paid Reviews

Try publishing product reviews and get money from it. This is one of the main ways through which bloggers make money online. If you cooperated with a very active and market dominance in the industry, then you can be sure that they are going to give you huge custom offers.

There are several companies out there and so you can be sure this is not a very competitive method of making money online. Whether you want to venture in web hosting providers, plugin developers and app developers, you are going to make a lot of money reviewing their products. Most product review websites out there accept blogs and websites with a huge traffic and domain authority.

If this is what you want for your online venture, then focus on writing in-depth reviews and also be sure to write about high quality products in the market. If you reviewed a low quality product and a customer ended up buying it but later discovered that the product is of low quality, then they will lose confidence in your services.

Ensure that your readers are the top priority when writing reviews. Avoid letting people think that your blog is for selling. This can be dangerous and at some extent destroy your reputation. There are some bloggers out there who are making up to $1,000 every month.

You can review apps, local businesses, hotels and travel sites and make a lot of money from it in India. There are very many review websites that pay people to write product reviews. One of them is which works with UK and European Freelancers. In India, you are likely to encounter several of them that you can work with or even work for. All what is needed in this move is your confidence and patience. You don’t expect to start a blog today and tomorrow you want to make much money from it. You need to first of all promote your blog and attract a huge number of website visitors before you even look for ways to monetize it.


This is another very beneficial alternative to Google Adsense in India. Being the 6th largest ad network in India, you can expect a lot from it. It gives you an exclusive opportunity to a work with a variety of ad formats but In-text ad format is one of the most popular. It doesn’t look for an ad space in your blog and it also converts your text blocks into advertisements that look like links.

In India, most youth spend a lot of time online and hence they are likely to click on the advertisement ads or even hover on them. They then get served with relevant ads and you on the other side earn from it. There are other ad programs which includes tag ads, frame ads and search ads.

Tag ads appear as keywords block similar to Google AdSense link ads. Frame ads on the other side appear on the empty space which is in the side bar. Search ads are only targeted for search traffic.

Infolink is your thing if you are looking for a way to earn money without AdSense. The main reason why people love Infolink is because there is no space needed and also it is easy to approve. However, some people complain that the in-text ad format makes your blog look clumsy and also some of your traffic may get a perception that you are becoming cheap. The other thing is that infolinks doesn’t pay a good token to 3rd world countries especially those on Asia.

The other thing I like about Infolinks is that the revenue from ads can be increased through monetizing your blog. However, you need to monetize your blog through the three methods available. The support team is active and always there to help you in case of a problem with your system. You also have greater control of placing your ads in the blog. You can as well use infolinks with other networks. What this means is that you can use other ads on the blog to increase earnings. Other ads have no harm or problem with your blog.

Why you need to look for an alternative to Google AdSense?

The main reason why most bloggers love Google AdSense is because it provides a good income to your website. However, what most people don’t know about Google AdSense is that they can shut your account down anytime. It gives an open way for people to compete unfairly. A competitor may come on your blog and click on the same ad 10 times a day and you will be the one to be shut down.

You also need a significant number of traffic in order to get recognized with Google AdSense. You also have to give up the visitors and focus on the ads which is not good for your blog site.

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