How to use Google Ads to get Best Results?

If you are new to Google Ads, you need to first understand how this is beneficial for your business and website.  Google Ads is one beneficial tool that will help you instantly rank number 1 for search results.

But obviously, that is not free!

It comes with the price. But that is on you how much you want to pay for the keywords you wish to rank. To rank well, the price can be very expensive depending on the keyword. The more money you pay, the better ranking you are guaranteed. Now how you can use this to get best and optimum results?

Because paying $10 for a click, when the product you are going to sell is worth only $5 is not worth it at all. You have to find out a conversion rate which is the industry standard. Let’s say that in your line of work, the standard conversion rate is 5%. So this means for every 100 ad clicks, 5 of them will make a purchase on your website.

So let’s do some math for a Keyword with CPC – $0.10

  • 100 Clicks = $10
  • Sale = 5 clicks
  • Sale Value = 5 * X

Now this X has to be atleast $2 in order to help you zero out your investment. If this X is $3, that would mean you made a profit of $5 on your $10 investment. But this becomes even more difficult when your net profit from the $15 sale is much less.

These calculations are going to be different, and that’s why it is important to make sure you do everything right with your ad.

Its a good idea to hand this over to a company which provides Google Adwords Management services. They are expert at optimizing revenue and lowering investments.

Title and Description for the Ad

The first step is to clear your basics. You need to give a proper title and description to the ad you want to show. It should be catchy enough, but not too loud. Also, you don’t have to worry about SEO of the tile, since you are already paying for this ad to show on top.

Low Competition Keywords

Instead of going for high intensity and highly competitive keywords, start with low volume. The lesser the competition, the easier you rank. Also, they are cheap and have low CPC values.

On the other hand, high competition keywords are very highly priced, and it would also not give you very much guarantee that you will rank well. But if you want to, you might have to shell out way too much money.

Optimize Landing Page

The landing page is the one where your ad link points to. Optimize it as much as you can. If you have a poor landing page, the users will bounce back as soon as they will open the link. Also, poor landing page will make sure you do not convert any user into a paying customer.

So, it is highly advisable that before you go ahead and apply for ad, optimize your landing page in such a way that it takes very less time to load, has quality content, pushes people to take some action like signing up, etc.

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