How to make your post go Viral on Social Media?

We all are aware of the importance of Social Media in getting traffic for our website or blog. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, the only dream we see while sharing posts is to get it viral.

However, that does not happen in most of the cases, right?

Whatever kind of posts we write, be it any news, quotes, memes, selfies, etc., we like to see them getting maximum likes and shares. There might be some posts you shared, that got viral. But that cannot be guaranteed for all others, even if you apply the same strategy. Take a look at Kueez for inspiration ideas and examples on how to create amazing viral content.

Strategies which work for one post, or one company, might fall flat if you try to replicate it for another. But there are some evergreen measures you can take to viral your content on different social media platforms. Let’s look at some of those popular ways.

Join Fan Pages (Or Relevant pages)

If you are writing about some celebrity, join as many pages of that or similar celebrities on social media. Then whatever you have written, share that across various pages. Even if it’s not a celebrity, join pages that are relevant to your posts. These pages are an excellent way to make more and more people aware about your content, and bring them to your website.


Joining pages and sharing your post should not be your only goal. Make it a habit to comment on other peoples’ posts at least once a week. Build your communication strong and only then you will be able to see successful results.

Ask for Help

Facebook, or any other social media, does not share your content with all the people who are connected to you. So to make your post reach to maximum people, ask for help from your family and friends. Ask them to share your posts and also comment on the same.

How will this help? If the platform sees a post getting a lot of shares and comments, it will automatically promote that post to other followers as well. This strategy will sure shot work for your posts. But don’t make it a habit. If you repeat the same pattern for all your posts, the results will start to fade away.

Take care of the Timing

When it comes to social media shares, timing is of great importance. There are certain time periods, when your shared content reaches maximum audience. Dive into the insights of all your platforms, and see which time works best for each.

And then, all you have to do is schedule your posts for that particular time, or share it in real time. Remember, follow the insights of your own account, and don’t follow the advice what experts have to give. What works for them, might not work for you.

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