3 WordPress Plugins to help you Rank Better in Search

Do you want more organic traffic?

Then SEO is the only answer!

In today’s time, every website wants to overpower each other to become the number 1 in its segment. The 2 major reasons that can play a vital role in that dream are

  • By Working on SEO, and
  • By working on Social Media Engagement

You have various options to attract visitors, through emails, social media, and search engines. Although all options are free, working on search engines is a little tricky. SEO is a very vast area, and many people are not able to use it to its full potential.

If you are already into the game, I am sure you must be having a good grasp over the SEO concept. But if you are new to WordPress and website building, you will surely need some help with the SEO. If you are not fine handling your SEO on your own, you can hire an expert like ranktoday.com.

In this article, we will share some great WordPress plugins that will help you work on your SEO easily, and also take you to a better rank in search results. There are many plugins that help you in that, but you just need that 1 plugin right. Here we will list down top 3 SEO plugins for you.


  • Active Installations: 5+ million
  • Rating: 4.9/5

I am sure going by the above figures, you would have concluded how popular this plugin is with the WordPress websites. This tool will go through your complete content and will suggest you possible changes you can do in order to make it perfect.

It also gives information about your keyword density for the chosen SEO keywords, and what else you can do from the SEO front. It has various other benefits, making it one of the best SEO plugins available for WordPress.


  • Active Installations: 30,000+
  • Rating: 4.6/5

The benefit of the Squirrly plugin is that it eliminates most of the hazards that take place while optimizing the article. This plugin is more than just an SEO tool. Basically, it is a complete content marketing suite for all your needs.

You can use this plugin along with other plugins like Yoast. It just upgrades their capabilities to perform even better. If you face troubles, there are various assistants in this plugin that will help you solve your SEO and marketing queries and challenges.

All in One

  • Active Installations: 3+ million
  • Rating: 4.4/5

This plugin has variety of benefits to offer. It optimizes various tags for you, ensure the density of your keyword, and much more. And the best part is, it handles most of the troubles automatically, like generating meta tags, optimizing your title for google search, etc. Only a little is left for the user to take care of.

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