Marketing Ideas to Attract People with Low Budgets

The only thing that attracts low budget people is discount. Don’t you agree?

Making an e-commerce website is very easy. But bringing visitors and driving them to sales is really difficult. If you are a recent entrant in this zone, you probably should start with low budget people.

Why? Because they are large in number and easy to convert by only a few tactics. Everywhere you might have read about SEO. That is the first and foremost step of a website. However, that will only bring people to your site. If you want to drive them to purchase the item, you need to follow many other marketing techniques.

There are Businesses in Fashion Industry which totally depend on people with smaller budgets. For Example not everyone can afford fancy Luis Vuitton bags, so they often go for high-quality replicas of Louis Vuitton handbags which are becoming rapidly popular. Hence, to make these low budget shopped your permanent customers there are few things you can do.

Below there are some popular and easy marketing ideas that you can incorporate in your website. These techniques will also free you from depending upon organic traffic.

Email Notifications for Discounts

For this, you need to have a subscriber list first. And to build your subscriber list, you can use the incentive strategy like “Sign up and get 20% discount”. Give incentives to your visitors if you want them to submit their emails.

Once you have an email list, you can use plugins like MailChimp to push newsletters and discount notifications to your visitors. These incentives are a perfect way to push forward your visitors to convert.

Coupons on Social Media Interactions

I am sure all of you must have come across websites which offer incentives such as “like their Facebook page in order to get discount”. These are the most widely used ideas because just by doing a simple social media attraction, people get a chance to enjoy discounts and incentives.

Social Media is a very popular platform to sell replica products, which we spoke about earlier. And not just Louis Vuitton’s bags or purses, you can sell almost anything. People on facebook are hungry for such products.

Even you can create such an actionable coupon to attract budget shoppers. There are various plugins on WordPress that can perform this task for you. Some little incentives can take you a long way.

Ads on various websites

Create a banner of discounts you are offering, and put up that banner on your website as well as several others. Contact websites that you feel your target audience would be visiting and ask them to put up your ad. You need to have a good marketing budget in order to take such an action, since putting up banners does not come at low price.

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