How to Promote a Viral Niche Website?


Viral niche has a lot of potential in terms of money and audience. And the plus point is you don’t even have to bother about SEO or Google Ranking. Some pretty good examples of such niche websites are Buzzfeed and Upworthy. They talk about anything and everything here, and still make your post viral.

How do they do it? Well that is what this article is all about. HOW!

I have heard people complaint about how they are not able to make it viral.

“If we try to make our content viral, we face a lot of issues. Even when the topic is interesting, or so we think, we are unable to reach large number of people. Not just this, even if we try replicating the same procedure as successful companies, we are not able to succeed. “

Every content is different. If you try to copy someone else, you will not only lose your originality, but also the potential traffic. Various articles will tell you steps to follow. But I would highly advice you to experiment on your own and find out.

If you are trying to promote your vines, then you can also share them with which will promote your Vine to its audience for you.

The tips I am going to share below will not tell you some steps. Rather you can use them as guide, giving you directions to go viral.

Promoting Facebook Page

If you have just started your website, you need to create a Facebook page for the same. And then you need to promote it in such a way that you get more than 50k likes in your initial phase only.

A secret tip you can use to increase your likes is by creating multiple fake profiles. Create around 5-10 profiles with complete details. Join various fan groups using those IDs to increase your friend list. Once you have more than 5000 friends each, club all IDs into your original Facebook page. If you are unable to club, no issues at all. We just need to promote your article on each page individually.

Other ways you can promote the page is by joining various pages related to your article segment. Share the link to as many pages and people as you can. You can even ask your friends and family to share the page and posts for you.

Ad Campaigns

The popular social media websites have the option of creating an ad campaign. For your website, you can create one that will be targeted to your audience. But the only drawback here is that you would have to shell a lot of money. More the budget, more the likes and shares.

You will get the desired number of likes and shares easily with these ad campaigns. Most of the big businesses or viral websites rely solely on such ad campaigns only.

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