Why Ultrasound Labs are now offering Online Bookings and Reports?

When everything is going digital, why should healthcare lag behind? In fact, it is growing rapidly these days through this digital platform. Various technologies like EHRs, patient reports, smartphone apps, telemedicine technologies, and much more have made the life of doctors and patients easy.

Be it a big thing like the entire hospital record, or a small thing like an ultrasound report, everything can be shared online now. Not just the reports and records, even booking are getting done online. You must have heard of practo or Lyberate. These are a few smartphone apps that make bookings easier.

But amidst all this, you might wonder that everything else kept aside, why are ultrasound labs giving online reports and bookings? Well, we have certain possible reasons behind their step.

Convenience for patients

What is one of the major reasons for an ultrasound? Pregnancy, right?

Women love to see their unborn child on the reports. Along with this, they can also find out if there are any complications in their pregnancy or everything is sailing smooth. But getting an ultrasound is not a 1 step procedure. What are the steps people face here?

  • Make advanced bookings on the spot
  • Wait in the line if bookings are huge
  • Get the ultrasound done
  • Come back again for the reports
  • Visit again for consultation, while carrying the reports

Ultrasound going digital is convenient for patients

Now imagine, if all but one steps can be pushed online, how much relief that would be. And hence, bookings for ultrasound are getting done online, so that patients can come when the test is scheduled. Thus eliminating the wait time. The reports can be shared with them online, so that they do not have to visit again and can have a digital copy of their reports. Now they can consult any doctor without having the burden to carry reports everywhere.

These services can help mothers detect complications in nuchal chord, etc at a very early state considering reporting, testing & making appointments are so easier now.

Share Research and Cases

Sometimes the cases get so complicated that nearby doctors have no idea what to do. Most of the problems can be identified in ultrasounds. So, if such a case has happened somewhere in the world, having a digital evidence of the case and the solution can always be beneficial. And so, sharing the reports online can be of great benefit for doctors all over the world.

Moreover, such digital cases can also be helpful for the doctors going to give their medical examinations. They can come to know more about complications and can prepare for the exams accordingly.

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