How Can Students Build a Career as a Content Writer?

Do you love writing? Do you love reading blogs?

Then being a content writer is a great opportunity for you. If you have that creative mind within you, starting a career in this field is very easy. Your journey will also be amazing if you can write a great content.

But what do you understand by being a content writer?

I am sure all of you might be thinking what am I asking. It’s simple writing the content, right? Well, surprisingly NO. There is much more to this definition than simply writing articles. It takes so much to enter this field.

  • Writing content for websites, blogs, newspapers, ebooks, etc. all comes under this definition.
  • A content writer has to understand the tone of business he is dealing with.
  • He needs to do some research before beginning to write.
  • Engage with the customers and visitors.
  • Help the business to meet its goals, and much more.

So when we talk about building a career, a content writer needs to follow all the above points and much more to establish himself. Now having understood the basics, let’s find out how you can kick start this.

Find your niche

Do not go ahead with writing any and every thing that comes your way. Experiment a little and see which niche are you comfortable with. Why do I say this? Because as I told above, each article requires research. So if you will write about everything, you would have to research a lot. And most of your time will get wasted in this task.

So, just figure out what few niches you are good at. And then, write some sample articles for future purpose. This will help you gain knowledge in advance, which will be fruitful once you begin.

build a website

Start a blog or website

Having thought of a segment for yourself, you can start your own blog or website now. If you are totally new to digital platform, you can begin with a blog and later on move to your own website. Make it creative and write some good SEO friendly articles. This will help bring few visitors from Google search as well.

Once you have writing skills, you can also collaborate with essay writing services to further ensure the boost of your business.

Share those articles on your social media platforms and any other places you feel like. Do a proper SEO for your website and build links for your site and articles. The more you spread the word of your articles, the more visitors you will get on your site.

Also, if you are unsure about your Essay you can go for College essay editing services as well.


Being a student, you have a fresh creative mind that will be beneficial to all the businesses. And hence, approaching them would not be much of a hurdle. You can start with, or any such website where you can connect to the employers. Your blog or your sample articles will help employers judge your writing skills.

These few steps will make sure you have a good revenue just by writing the articles. The website you’ll build will then serve as a constant earning source for you.

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