3 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Since the digital┬álandscape changes daily, so do the SEO practices. With regular algorithm updates, many SEO practices are left behind, and many top the way. Even for the people who are working on SEO, this is a very difficult task – to keep themselves up to date on daily basis.

And you all know how essential is SEO for the success of a website.

It is because of SEO that people are able to rank their websites on Google search results. SEO attracts organic traffic for you, which is crucial to determine the success of a website. No matter what kind of niche you are dealing with, SEO is of utmost importance for any business. And so, it is necessary that you carry on these practices with care.

People make so many mistakes when it comes to the SEO. Some of them are not much grave to get noticed. But some may attract heavy penalty for your website. So in that case, what should you do? Of course, avoid those bad practices. BUT, what are those bad practices after all? Let’s have a look.

Buying PBN Links

This is the most widely used gray hat tactic to rank well for SEO. People create network of blogs with private ownership, and sell links to multiple people. While it is widely used, this is badly discredited by Google. Why?

There are numerous articles on PBNs. And since there are multiple PBNs owned by a person, he does not write the articles all by himself. The articles are totally software written, which are of very bad quality. So how will this affect your website?

  • The people who sell you PBN links, they give links to any random website who can give them money.
  • As a result, the quality of that PBN site goes down when it is also backlinking to bad websites.
  • If you are getting link from bad website, your authority goes down.
  • Google does not rank the PBNs who have bad articles written.

So if Google is not ranking the PBN, what is the use of getting backlink from there. So avoid the route of PBNs because that is definitely going to cause you a lot of harm.

Google does not appreciate PBNs

Writing Shorter Content

Although there is no word limit specified for SEO, but if you constantly write short content and add your links, you will not be benefited. Google is known to appreciate websites which have in-depth content and longer articles. While a few articles can be short if you like. But do not make it a regular practice.

Over Optimizing Keyword Density

There are various plugins like Yoast SEO, etc. which guide you through great SEO practices to take care of. But these are not always correct. No one knows how Google works, not even these plugins. So when these plugins suggest you changes like “Improve your keyword density”, etc., do not take it to the heart.

SEO has evolved so much over the last 2 years, nobody knows what the clear Definition for SEO is. Hence, It is good to follow these cautions, but it is not always necessary to make everything go green. Use your best judgment on what should be the right keyword density and work accordingly.

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