Guide To Naming Your Online Fashion Boutique

Several designers dream of opening their own e-boutiques to sell their designs online. If you’ve taken that step, you’ll need to know that finding the right name is crucial. The name becomes the identity of your store, which is why you should take extreme care when picking one.

Here, we discuss some things to remember and tips you can use when naming your online boutique.

What Is A Good Name?

When a customer reads the name of your boutique, it should resonate in their mind. A good name stands out from the crowd, and gives your brand a positive image.

The name should be able to motivate them to into looking further into your products. Ensure that the name is short and catchy, and fits the products you sell. A good way is to include everything you want to convey in a one-word boutique name.

How To Come Up With A Name

Inspiration And Creativity Are The Key

Before you decide on a name, have a brainstorming session where you assess different names for your boutique. You really need to get creative and draw inspiration from others who have created great brands out of unique names. In this session, there are several other things you’ll need to consider. One of them is brand value.

Brand Value

Think about what your designs (and your brand) stand for. To give you an idea of what they are, here’s a list of brand values:

  • Smart
  • Brave
  • Honest
  • Taste
  • Positive
  • Aspiring

Use a paper and pen to jot down some of the names you think will suit your brand. Read on for tips you can use to create a stylish name for your boutique.

Use A Translation

The human species is a curious one. If there’s something you don’t understand, it drives you to try and understand it better.

The same applies for fashion freaks too. A Greek or Latin name drives them to check out what kind of apparel you sell. Look for Greek or Latin translations of simple words related to your brand, like color, style, courage, or aspiration.

You go even further and use the name of an ancient Roman or Greek god. Here‘s a list of all the ancient gods for your reference.

An Outlandish Color

Each color conveys an emotion of its own. Use the name of an unconventional color to convey your feelings to your customers. If you are wondering about what colors you can pick, then you can start here, a complete list of all the colors in the world.

Combine Words

You can pair a word that describes what you do with a word like ‘style’ or ‘shop’ to communicate with your customer. For example, The Tradition Shop. This is just an example, you can use any words for the combination.

Another way is to combine two random words to make sense for your designs. Not only will it be descriptive of your brand but will also be unique and stand out. An example of this could be Thread & Needle.

Expand Your Search

It might be a little difficult to find good names that aren’t taken already. You can still find a good name for your boutique by looking through a thesaurus. One good tool is the visual thesaurus that helps you better understand how one word relates to the other, visually.

Another way could be to misspell your name. There are several things trending in the world today, and deliberate spelling errors are one of them. Consider dropping the first vowel, or combine two words to form a new word, or ending the word with ‘ly’. This could also help you in getting a unique unregistered domain name for your brand.

Get The Domain

The next step is to make the domain yours. There are several domain name generators and registrars available on the internet; getting a domain name is only a matter of a few minutes. Here is a list of the best domain name generators and registrars.

You can even register your domain name while building your website on a website builder. Some of these services, like Shopify, offer a domain name generator as a built-in feature.


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