3 WordPress Plugins for Photographers

WordPress has a solution for every big or small requirement of website making. Be it any niche you are dealing with, if you have a website on WordPress, then you have got every functionality covered. With hoards of plugins available for every menial task, there is not much hindrance to making a successful website.

They are much more helpful when you are in a Photography business. Where a normal website offers you a limited functionality to share your photos, using WordPress plugins you can literally do anything you dreamt of.

Every photographer wishes to share his creation with the rest of the world, be it a creature, place, or product photography. And a website bridges just that gap for him. Even though there exist multiple themes that make your website look creative and photographic, it is the work of WordPress plugins that actually make your website wonderful. So let’s see some great plugins that you can install and activate if you also have a website related to photography.

Envira Gallery

Downloads – 1,000,000+

This is one of the best responsive photo gallery plugin. Whatever kind of device you have, this plugin will make the gallery look wonderful on all your devices. Not just a gallery, you can have access to more than 25 different add-ons to make your galleries look even more effective and beautiful.

This plugin is also completely SEO plugin, and helps you rank on Google well. It even does not affect your site’s loading speed. Overall, this is a must-have plugin if you wish to create and share wonderful photo galleries with the world.


Downloads – 2,000,000+

This plugin is not directly related to photography, but it is very essential to your website. Just like with any other business, even photography website also needs security. Wordfence Security is one of the best plugins for that task.

It analyzes your website for previous attacks if any. It scans your server and source code and make sure that everything is fine and working well. And once that is done, it implements its security measures to protect and cover your website.


Downloads – 900,000+

A slider is a must for a photography website. It makes an attractive slideshow that shows the best of your photography work. This is the best WordPress slider plugin available. There are many more features to it like animations, importing abilities from different websites, video sliders, dynamic sliders, and so on.

These image sliders are totally responsive and are very fast to load. Overall, they make your website look wonderful.

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