DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks – What’s different?

When you build a website, all you dream about is rank high on search results. Am I right?

And for that, you do so many things, such as Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, backlink building, and so on. While some of them help you achieve your dream faster, some take a little time to show effect. But out of all these, the ones which are widely undertaken by everybody is backlink building.

Google recognizes few kinds of backlinks:

  • Do-follow,
  • No-follow,
  • Index, and
  • No-Index.

When a link is indexed, it means that Google can now take up that link and show in its search results at whatever ranking it feels like. While in no-indexed scenario, Google can not pick up that link, i.e., it will never show up in the results.

This was index vs no-index. Now, what are do-follow and no-follow backlinks, and how are they different from each other?

No-follow backlinks

Why do people crave for backlinks? Simply to get themselves ranked better by getting good backlinks.

Now, if a website gives a no-follow link to any other website, it simply means that this backlink should not affect the target website’s ranking in search results. This is done to avoid spam links from the host website. Because if a website keeps on giving links to any kind of website, then it will bring doom to itself as well.

Getting NoFollow links is often easier than DoFollow links. You can try services from this company to build all kinds of links for you.

NoFollow Links also improve the quality of search results, and help in preventing spam indexes. In literal terms, no-follow does not allow Google Bots to follow the link.

Do-follow backlinks

These work in the opposite way than no-follow. Google bots are allowed to trace the links and their destinations. Having a do-follow backlink from a high authority website has numerous advantages.

  • You get linkjuice from the host website
  • Your ranking improves quickly in the search results
  • The authority of your website increases, and so on.

By default, all the links are do-follow only, unless you make them no-follow. The disadvantage with do-follow backlinks here is that even the spam links get indexed due to this.

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