What is RDP?

RDP is a very common phenomenon among people who, at least once in their lives, would have thought about building a safe connection between the computers on the internet. RDP is most commonly used for establishing safe internet connections. This mostly takes place between a remote desktop or server, and the client computer. People are often looking to buy rdp on the internet and you may be wondering about it.

But before we talk about what it does and what not, let’s first see what RDP stands for.

Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol, or more commonly called as RDP, is a secure network communications protocol, that has been designed for the remote desktop management.

Using this protocol, you can remotely access the virtual desktop, applications and the server. Not just this, using RDP, the network administrators are also able to diagnose any problem that arises in the remote server or desktop.


There are multiple benefits and functions of the remote desktop protocol. Some of the key important functions of RDP are as follows:

  • Establish the connections
  • Transfer the data between clients and server
  • Data encryption
  • Smart Card Authentication
  • Resource Sharing
  • Bandwidth Reduction
  • Use Multiple Displays, and so on.

The RDP also allows a user to redirect some functions like printing and audio.

How RDP works?

Now you all know what RDP is all about and what are its basic set of functions. Now let’s come to another major topic, how it works.

The remote access to the server or desktop is provided through the port number 3389. If the application or software is RDP enabled, then only this service will work. The data that is to be transmitted, is packaged by this RDP enabled application. Post this, the Microsoft Communication service transfers that data package to the designated RDP channel. The operating system takes hold of that data, encrypt it, and adds it to the frame that is transmitted to the receiver.

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