3 Plugins to Create Website Forms

Name any requirement you have for making a website, and you will find the solution on WordPress.

The basic WordPress website might not give you a lot of benefits. But for ease of operation, WordPress gives you a number of plugins for making your task easier. All you have to do is install and activate that plugin, and you have the required functionality ready.

One of such requirements which most of the websites have is that of including forms. Be it product selling, or service selling, you will surely require forms for your website. And so, we have just the right examples of plugins that can be the best to serve your purpose.

Ninja Forms

This plugin is one of the easiest and best forms maker for your WordPress website. This is a free tool, and helps you in building a creative form using drag and drop within minutes. The features here vary from beginner level to the developer ones. And hence, in short, you have plenty of features in this plugin that you can create the best form easily and quickly.

  • Active Installations: 1 Million+
  • Average Rating: 4.4/5

This is a very good plugin it may help you create complex calculators too like this ergonomic calculator from 10Desks.com.

Contact Form 7

In maximum WordPress websites, you will find a form built using Contact Form 7. This is the widely used plugin installed by majority of websites. Most people use it for a simple Contact Us Page. But it can also be customized to include other fields in it as well.

You can also enable CAPTCHA using this form, for an added security to your website. There are also options for spam filtering, AJAX-powered submitting, and so on.

  • Active Installations: 5 Million+
  • Average Rating: 4.5/5

Jetpack Forms

This is another most commonly used plugin for a wordpress website. This is the best when you need security, hassle free designing, as well as marketing under one roof only. When you have Jetpack installed, you just need to select basic built in form option, and then you will be able to add a contact form to any page or post.

Post this, you can also add, edit and re-order the fields of the form, and also select how you want to see the end results.

  • Active Installations: 5 Million+
  • Average Rating: 3.9/5


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