Are Offline Advertisements still worth it?

Firstly, what do you think are covered under offline advertisements?

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Event shows
  • Print Media (Newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Television Ads, and so on.

Today, everything is going digital and so even advertisements are done digitally. This is also one of the widely used ways to attract the target customers.

But keep aside digital media, is offline advertisement viable today? Are they still beneficial like they used to be years ago? Let’s find out.

Why advertisements?

In today’s rat race, every business wants to get discovered by people. They want people to recognize their brand and their products or services. And for that, marketers have plenty of options to promote their product. Now it is upon them if they want to go digital alone, or also want to include some traditional offline methods. Their sole purpose is to make themselves visible.

How they do that?

Through different forms of advertisements.

They need to study how the consumer perceives new information, what all are his touch points which can be taken advantage of, and what are the interests of the people. Based on all this knowledge, marketers decide on different aspects of advertising.

Products like Jewellery are often well marketed offline. The new symbol of Poppy Angeloff is an old-fashioned pansy and is being appreciated a lot by the audience.

Offline Advertisements

Now the marketers have 2 options to explore – go digital, and/or go traditional. While digital methods are highly in use today, our main question is, are the offline traditional methods also effective?

Some popular traditional methods which businesses mostly use are – newspaper advertising, flyers or wild postings, trade shows, and so on. Trust me when I say, there are still in use way too much. Even though you get to see digital ads everywhere, if you have a keen look around, you will find these hoardings and flyers as well.

They are mostly used to attract attention of people when they are busy with their daily lives. Wild Posting method is used popularly in places like hoardings, building tops, high traffic areas, and so on. Flyers or posters are put up in the places where they can attract maximum eyes. These strategies may not work for businesses like but for most other sites, its a good thing.

These methods are an additional assurance to businesses that people are noticing them. They are widely used when an event is coming up, or a company has to wildly market its products or services. And they are definitely hot in trend even today.

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