SEO or SMM – Which is Best for You?

SEO and SMM both are marketing techniques, used by businesses aggressively. Together they make the best and complete digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization, or more commonly called SEO, was the only ruler of digital world when social media was not there. People used to stuff keywords in their articles and they used to get rank excellently. But this was all before the dawn of social media.

When social media came into being, marketers also started focusing on this new platform, which helped them build better connections with the audience. Let’s look at each marketing strategy one by one, before concluding which works best.


With the help of SEO, the articles find a better rank in the search results. When you do a good SEO of your website as well as the article, it becomes easier for Google to find and index you. This, in turn, help people in noticing you when they search for the relevant keywords.

Earlier, in the name of SEO, people used to just stuff their articles with the main keywords even when it did not make any sense. But with the passage of time, Google kept on updating its algorithm so that people follow good practices to rank. This also makes sure that people get quality article to read when they are looking for it.

SEO has become a fairly easy and important marketing technique which all the businesses use today to rank well. This helps in bringing organic traffic to your website and is surly a long term strategy to keep increasing revenue.


Social Media Marketing is another wheel of this 2 wheeler digital marketing. It includes all the strategies you use to promote yourself on social media. There is a misconception that making just a profile page on all social media channels will help. But if that was the case, then all businesses would be successful today, right?

While presence is required, that will not effect your rankings. Ranking will improve if your post gets maximum visibility. So, whatever you post, make sure it reaches maximum of your targeted audience. This would bring better results and will result in an effective social media marketing.

Which is better?

If SEO is the mind, then SMM is the heart. Without any of the 2, you cannot function well. Surely you can bring traffic to your website by using either of the 2. But for long term effects and to be successful in digital world, you surely need both of them.

So, if you are starting your business, you can surely pick any one to begin. But don’t ignore the other over the time.

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