How To Promote Women’s Ecommerce Store?


E-commerce marketing is the trending scenario for promoting a business. whether it is software, new clothing brand, jewelry or any that is saleable need a proper marketing. Nowadays, as the world has become digital, people are following more e-commerce sites to fulfill their buying needs. There are hardly who visit a store or a nearby market when they can get everything on their doorsteps. One such common item that has inspired the e-commerce marketing is the women’s casual dresses.

Trying to sell women’s clothing is the biggest challenge that every store owner faces. Additionally, the pressure persists in the online marketing world as well. with thousands of apparels brand and options available online, it certainly becomes a heck of a job to get promising results for a women’s casual dresses seller. The vendor has to take charge of social marketing and understand what exactly social marketing is and how it can be used to promote women’s e-commerce store?

What are social marketing and its benefits?

E-commerce or social marketing is an inevitable part of the digital world. it is an open platform where the vendor strategically markets the women’s e-commerce sites and brings in visitors and buyers. many brands these days have taken to the social media platform through personal websites, hiring fashion bloggers, Facebook pages, and Instagram updates. The success is derived from social media marketing only when you know what platform works best for you.

The benefits of social media marketing are immense; however, the brand owner or the vendor must know the most trending platform and the ways to allure the buyers. as we all know that women are the toughest yet the best customers to impress.

Strategies to follow for promoting women’s e-commerce store


  • Focus on the brand


Brand reputation is an intricate part of promoting any e-commerce store. Creating a brand of your own is highly rewarding to establish a long-term rapport. Online buyers have a plethora of choices to shop from, but once your brand becomes popular, there is no looking back. The brand name must be easy to remember and catchy so that they can be promoted through word of mouth itself. It is important that you build a brand to manifold the sales and create profit. By creating your brand we mean the below points;


  • Create your logo


  1. Give your product a visual identity like the logo, color, or font
  2. Brand positioning
  3. Packaging design
  4. Website



  • Create a mobile-friendly site


Today, most of the buyers are using their smart [hone to access the e-commerce websites. Considering the ease of use, most of the e-commerce website makers have changed their path towards making their sites mobile-friendly. Women, most of the time are seen in groups and communities discussing over the latest fashion and trends. Mobile websites make it easy to access and get hold of the prospective buyers.


  • Easy navigation


Buyers, irrespective of the gender do not like to keep navigating a layer of pages to finally settle on their favorite choices. While creating a website, you must keep the buyers in mind. If the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, everyone will like to shop from the site. Especially, women do not like to search more just to buy women casual dresses. Hence make the website compelling.


  • Microblogging


Once the website is well managed and well designed, the next step for promotion is the microblogging. There are numerous fashion bloggers who love to write about the latest trends. You can hire one of the writers to write lucrative blogs about your website and cloth designs. Women love it when the clothes are well described with every detailing. Share the blogs on your website, and social media pages for promotions.


  • Host Twitter chat


Twitter is the latest platform where everyone gets a chance to share their views. E-commerce store holders are these days taking the route of twittering and advertising their websites and stores. You can hold Twitter chats with your buyers and prospective consumers who are interested in your brand. You can also pick a hashtag and ask your buyers to use it every time the wear your brand. This is an indirect approach to marketing and gives a definite result.


  • Pinterest


Who doesn’t use Pinterest to search for the latest brands and trending fashion? Create your own Pinterest page and organize a Pinterest treasure hunt. Contact partners and ask them to in a post relating to your brand. Each image will provide clues related to your brand and hence will lead to a final piece of the image where the treasure is located. Fans that get to the last image are rewarded with coupons and vouchers for your site. this way you can promote various women casual dresses, party dresses, and accessories to which your brand is associated.


  • Make it easier to share


The website must have a share icon that makes it easier to share with other buyers. When a customer shows interest in a particular dress, they must be able to share it on various pages like Facebook, WhatsApp or install to buy advice or brag about it. The main aim is to add virality to your page. As the buyers share the pages, the brand achieves popularity and becomes viral.


  • Advertising through short movies


These days the short movies are in trend to popularise the latest product. From jewelry makers to shoemaker everyone is taking the route of introducing the product through short movies. The movies depict emotional attachment with the particular product. If your main target is the women buyers, short movies can be a great way to get hold of their attention.


  • Make your web pages shoppable


Whether it is Instagram, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform; make it shoppable. Share the link to your women’s e-commerce store on each platform so that the buyer then and there clicks on it and get access to the collection. this is one of the most lucrative ways to promote your women e-commerce store with 99% positive results.


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