How SEO and SEM Work Together?

Have you ever wondered if SEO and SEM are both the same thing? Can you tell the difference between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM ( search engine marketing)? What do SEO and SEM do and how do they function together?

Digital marketing professionals should have a sound knowledge of these two popular online engine terms and understand their relevance in the online marketing ground.

Truth is, they are both different but functions similarly in their roles sharing one common aim – to get the online users to your site.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a major part of digital marketing and is highly important in any matter of specified digital marketing you are in.

How does SEO Works?

SEO works by using ALT tags, keyword, page and link titles and many more and processes search engines to see their effectivity to attract traffic. Search engines function by assessing keywords, tags, and link titles. It then ranks for its ability to attract traffic based on a number of factors.

SEO uses the word “crawlers” and it works as:

Quality Content: Content Writers and content strategists get paid to do this quite complex technique. It’s a good thing that there are now plenty of tools that can help do the right basic task for you and get a good grasp of what’s happening with your page.

Effective search optimizing need to be well-composed in a way that it reaches the audience and realistically add up to their lives. To develop some keyword terms, think about what the audience might actually want and need, including the values on top of it.

SEO Writing is all about keywords.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing functions almost similarly with SEO. Its main aim is to attract users to a website by creating blogs and other types of website content written by content writers.

With SEM, it is mostly done thru paid advertising. A variety of techniques is strategized to proactively market the online content with online marketers.

Known paid advertising strategies include Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, and others.

SEM works like a short-termed help to give you fast results.  The search engine will reward you by featuring your ad on its result pages above all other search results, in a way that you are also paying for Google for this click service.


While SEO is a long-term plan, while SEM is a short-termed aid which has the same end goal –to generate significant levels of traffic.

But How can SEO and SEM Work Together?

Think about this: How does two different marketing strategy work together effectively to gain high search results? We know that results come down to the keywords you use in every campaign. Whereas, it is recommended to use your most important keywords for your SEO, then use SEM for top-up keywords to craft a finer advertising campaign.

The results will give you a bunch of keywords you can rank organically for, then a string of specific keywords fit your targeted market. In such a manner, you gain, expand, boost and speed up your visibility online.

From applying their functions together, you can garner the following results.

  1. Search results that appear twice will create a sense of familiarity with the consumers

Consumers put their huge amount of trust based on the trust in brands. Say you were presented with a variety of options for a business, which one would you pick: the brand you have never heard of, or the one whose name you have seen multiple times on your peripheral?

SEO and SEM functionality brings your business website rankings on the first page of the Google twice, which initially as a paid ad and an organic search listing. Studies show that brands that first appear in organic searches alone attract 60% of total clicks, while brands that appear in both paid and organic searched receive a total of 90% clicks. Therefore, your marketing strategy in ensured when you pour all your marketing efforts into both online strategies.

  1. It determines exactly what your consumers are searching for by comparing analytics of both tools.

Primarily, by applying both SEO and SEM technique, you can define which portion of your marketing needs enhancement. These two tools can give you different strategies both working to give the same end goal. Thanks to the improving the beauty of Google Analytics, you can check each campaign’s performance. A good measure is to look at the numbers from your paid advertising to find out which keyword is attracting more clicks. Then you adopt these metrics to your website or meta description to give a boost to your search optimization.

  1. Boosts a quick and easy link in promoting content

It is quite costly and time-consuming to get external websites to link to your business. But by creating your own paid ads, you can skyrocket your content on platforms that can also be recognized by advertising as seen and recognized by consumers.


Given the fact that there are now more than 1.2 billion users engaged with keyword searching platform, it increases your chances of having your content search and shared by social media users, amplifying strong links towards your website. Top SEO companies harness an integrated approach when it comes to SEO and SEM, boosting your business and marketing in the digital arena. Try the techniques to enable the two to work effectively together and as a result, your marketing strategy will be strengthened as you have imagined it will be.

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