Why is WordPress a good choice for Wholesale Websites?

Well, I would say WordPress is the best choice for every kind of business, not just the wholesale.

A lot of people are still unaware of what all WordPress has in store for them. They don’t know how to use it, or why they should use it. It is such a powerful and deep platform, that you would feel astonished once you know its complete worth. It is so much easy to use, and you can do literally anything with this.

For wholesale websites as well, nothing can be better than WordPress. And in this article, I will let you know exactly why.


When you are dealing in ecommerce, you have 2 options mostly. Either go with WooCommerce, or with Shopify. While WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin for ecommerce, Shopify is a completely different platform to build your ecommerce website. But WooCommerce is always a notch higher in preference.

Why so?

Simply because 1) It is on WordPress which has such a huge collection of plugins, and 2) WooCommerce is compatible with a lot of other extensions and shipping plugins. There are many products such as wholesale CBD capsules, books, perfumes, etc. for which WooCommerce has proven the best platform.

Huge Developer Community

WordPress has a huge developer community, so many tutorials, videos, guides, books, and what not. Even the slightest of problem has a solution in the case of WordPress.

So, even if you feel like skipping the basics and directly start with the website, you can always ask this developer community on any small problems that you face. They are totally dedicated to help you grow and maintain your website efficiently.

Some of the world’s biggest brands such as Microsoft, Vogue, etc. are hosted on WordPress only. More than 30% of all the websites in the world are there on WordPress. And many others are eventually making the shift here from different platforms. I believe all this would be sufficient testimonial for my statement, that WordPress is indeed the best platform for your wholesale website.

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