5 key indicators to help you measure your Business Success

People do not go into business due to its unpredictability. It can be difficult to understand your growth, especially when you are getting started. The ones who are into it must find ways to quantify their success. Business deals are a lot more than just the earnings of your company. You must constantly evaluate your business performances to understand the growth of your company. It is critical to understand whether you are being successful or are about to hit a plateau. There are several ways to measure your business success. Some of them are as follows:

Follow the flow of money.

This is the most basic and important method to measure your business success. You must look into the different financial statements of your company or hire an accounting services firm to do so to understand the growth.

  • Income statement– It is a profit and loss statement. It deals with the basic flow of cash suggesting how much money comes in and how much goes out. It is a good way to measure your profits over specific intervals of time, be it monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • Cash flow statement– It is slightly different from income statement as it shows how much cash is in hand. It shows how many of your assets are liquid. You may have made huge profits recently but if client invoices are still outstanding, they are of no use for you. You might not be able to invest in your future endeavours due to this.
  • Balance sheet– It gives you a broader view of your venture. It includes all your assets, your debts, and yours’ and your partners’ share of investments. It is helpful for the long-term sustainability of your company.

Customer remarks

Having positive reviews about your business is another way of measuring your success. It shows you the possibility of consistent future business. Having an idea about retention numbers shows the number of loyal customers you have. Maintaining the existing customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Employee performance

Reviewing the performance of your employees is beneficial as it gives you an idea of the performance of the company itself. You understand whether certain employees are worthy of your investments or not. Measuring their happiness is also important as it profits the company in the longer run.

Knowledge of current market

It is possible that your profit measures are not up to your expectations. However, this may not be because of your lack of effort but due to the current market trends. This indicates that a change in your current game plan is called for.

Your own expectations

Ensuring your own satisfaction is important. If you are not happy with your work and profit, it can affect your employees and customers. Assessing the situation and making necessary changes is important to be successful.


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