How to Avoid your Windows from Freezing?

Most of the people must have experienced their windows laptop crashing suddenly. If this happens consistently, then there might be some bug with your current software, or you might have some general Windows problem. Whatever it is, freezing windows can be extremely painful at times.

So how can you take care of this situation? This is nothing new. Almost every windows laptop goes through this freezing. But you can easily avoid that if you follow few easy steps. Let’s have a look at what these steps are:

Complete Scan

This is a highly recommended step if you have to prevent your windows from freezing or crashing down. Scan your complete laptop with a good Antivirus for any kind of virus or malware. If your laptop is constantly being a victim of freezing, then it is a very possible likelihood that your laptop has been hit by some malware program. So scanning and removing that from time to time is greatly recommended.

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Software Reinstall

Sometimes, the problem may reside in software itself. Even though you should avoid reinstalling the software as much as possible, but if nothing is working, it becomes the only resort. This action will definitely help you bring your old fast system back. Go through various tutorials available on the internet, if you are not sure of how to reinstall your software.

Defragment and Clean

Defragment your hard disk, and clean your registry for much better results. Sometimes it happens, that the files you download or copied gets scattered here and there. Defragment allows your laptop to arrange the files together and hence find them in a much compact manner. Defragmentation usually takes a lot of time. So we would recommend you to let your computer defragment overnight when you have no work to do.

Along with this, also clean up your registry from all the junk. It might not be possible for you to clean this manually. And hence, there are many software that aid you in this task. Cleaning up your registry will give you an instant boost which you can never fail to notice.

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