3 Ways to Maintain Your SEO Ranking At the Top

Search Engine Optimization is a commonly discussed topic and much-needed concept for those seeking online presence. While it is a much-coveted idea among website orders, there are challenges that come with it: reaching the top rank on Google among other search engines and secondly, in keeping that position.  Any business that wants to establish a good foundation should strive to address these two things. You need visitors coming to your site in order to stand a chance of converting them into long-term clients. For that reason, establishing yourself through the eye of Google enhances your online visibility and ranking on search engines. This field is growing very fast and therefore, one has to keep up with the trending strategies to stay top of the rankings. Here are 3 ways to maintain your ranking spot:

Invest in Quality Link Building

It is not enough to have a lot of backlinks. Focus on getting the best of backlinks. Your focus should not only be on build many backlinks especially if you have already ranked for a certain keyword in a given page. Google is one search engine that can detect and establish whether a site has been getting links at a pace that is not reasonable. Therefore, rushing to get backlinks can raise a red flag that can work against your website instead of promoting it. It could even get your website banned.

The use of excessive backlinks can lead to a drop in rankings instead of going up especially if you build most of them pointing to one specific article. Other than doing that, Google expects its users to be in a position of accessing useful content that is relevant to their needs from all websites and that is something that is factored in during ranking of sites. Any site that is devoid of that is most likely to go down in rankings. For that reason, you should endeavour to expand the inbound links to all the different pages from your site. This will help in the diversification of the backlink profile and enhance your general website author based on Google’s perspective.

Developing a Robust Social Media Presence

Each of the well-established social media platforms is considered as authority brands by search engines. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have a high PageRank in the Google search engine. Professionals who write papers say that getting links coming from these said networks assists Google in establishing the relevancy of your site. As people like and at the same time share what you have posted, you will gain a lot more visibility from the social media platforms. This alongside quality backlinks will assist in boosting and sustaining the rankings over a very long term.

If you are uncomfortable managing so many social networks by yourself, you can hire one of the SEO Agencies to do the job for you. To make a good use of the social media platforms in keeping up with your SEO ranking, make sure that the social media share buttons are included in your posts’ sidebar.  Again, there should be very clear calls to action in the written posts. A good example would be, “If you liked this article, share it by clicking here!” Last but not least, provide offers such as a free content to the audience every time they make a social media share of what you have posted.

Make Use of Google Analytics Tools

To know how you are fairing online, it will be prudent to track down the traffic coming to your website. In that case, there is no better way to do that other than using the search engine’s assessment tools. Google analytics is definitely known by anyone who is serious about getting meaningful ranking online. However, not many people have exhausted the benefits that come with this great tool. It comes with a lot of features such as the Intelligence Events allowing you to track important changes in your site analytics. You will actually be alerted for instance, should there be a spike in the traffic flowing into your site.

With the Intelligence Events feature also, you can easily specify the alerts you want to get. For example, you can choose to get notified should there be a sudden significant change in your revenue in a single day. For that reason, this feature is a lot useful in helping you to proactively track how your site is performing and assess whether there has been a big change in the key performance indicators. The moment such changes take place, you will be in a position to respond in the right manner.

Final Remarks

It is one thing to get ranked highly on search engines and another one altogether to maintain that ranking. Experts from research paper service say that website owners should always remain focused and informed about what is happening in the SEO world and use available tools to maintain their relevance and presence online. Highlighted in here are 3 ways to help you do that.





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