8 Things To Do When Your WordPress Website Is Down

Has your WordPress Development site gone down? Don’t know the reasons for it? Then, don’t worry, we have come up with some solutions that can help you to make your website run smoothly once again. Let us see them.

  • Rule Out the Wrong Connections

Sometimes it happens that the connections are not made properly and that’s why the internet is down. Ensure that the wires of the internet connections are plugged in the socket properly and all the connections are appropriate. If the internet is down then so will be your WordPress website.

  • Check if it is only You or Everyone

Check if the problem is with you only or everyone is facing the problem. Sometimes it happens that the problem is a general issue that is affecting the site of all the users hosted on the platform of WordPress Development Services.

There are few online sources such as Down for everyone or Just me which will help you to check the website from various locations so if the problem is with your computer only then you will come to know immediately. You have to just enter the URL of any site and you will come to know whether it is down too or not.

If you find out that it is only you then your next stop should be Whatsmydns. If the error is that “Site not found” or similar type of error then there is the possibility of the DNS not updated. This tool will help you to check it. The changes that are made in DNS will take time of 6 to 72 hours for updating.

If you find that your DNS is up to date then try to force reload the page. For this, you can press the Ctrl+F5 on Windows. This will allow you to access your web page from the server directly. Next, you can view the site using the proxy sites from different locations. If you are able to view your site then it is very likely that your site is experiencing network issues.

There are tools available to check the status of the website at frequent intervals for notifying you if your website is experiencing downtime.

  • Check the Validity of the Domain

There is an expiry date of the domain name that you have purchased. There are chances that you have missed the renewal notice. Though the companies extend the validity for about 30 days beyond the expiry date, there are chances you have missed it too.

You can enter the URL of the website in Whols and you can quickly know if the domain registration of the website is still alive or not. You will also come to know about many other details about your website domain.

  • Inaccessible Website

It may happen that your website is not really down and you are not able to just access it. This may happen if the auto updates for WordPress are not executed properly.

There are some quick ways which you can try to access your website in such cases.

Incorrect file permission: It is very important to give the correct file permissions for the auto-update to function in the right manner. The htdocs/Yoursite/wp-content/upgrade directory is used by WordPress for the temporary file that it creates at the time of the installation process. The file needs to be made writable. After doing this, try to auto-update it again.

Turn off the safe mode: Try to turn the safe mode off in the file named httpd.config and then restart Apache.

Choose the Manual Update: Opt for a manual update in case it happens that you get a “Fatal Error”.

WordPress not getting updated completely

It may happen that you get a scheduled maintenance error when you try to load any page right after you have attempted the WordPress update. There is a timeout before your site could come out of the maintenance mode. A file is created during the update process to give an indication that your site is under maintenance. If you want to re-access the site then you have to remove the file completely.

Until then, you will get the messages like Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress“ or “Installation failed”.

The other reasons may be the exhaustion of the PHP memory or the timeout of the server.

  • Suspended Account

If you have not paid for your account then it may be possible that the hosting services have suspended it for a while. You will be notified about this from the hosting service providers through an email. Make sure that you have paid the bills so that the hosting service providers won’t suspend your account.

  • Server is Down

If the server is down, then you will not be able to access your website any time soon. You will most probably receive the message notifying that the server is down but in case you don’t receive then don’t worry. If the usage of the resources exceeds your bandwidth limit then it may cause your website to go down. You can check by refreshing the page and if it is a temporary issue then it will get resolved by itself.

Check the package that you have selected from your hosting provider whether it is perfect for your website or not. If you have selected the cheap web hosting facility then it may happen that the web hosting providers may not provide you with the 100% uptime for your site. The infrastructure of the cheap web hosting is not that good as compared to the expensive ones so if your budget is good enough then opt for the expensive web hosting options that provide you with better facilities.

  • Check for any theme or plugin conflict on your website

The themes and plugins of the WordPress Development Services or any other platform that do not play well with each other can cut you off from your site. The solution to this problem is to buy quality themes and plugins from the reputed marketplaces. Some authors take the trouble and point out the conflicts that can be a big trouble for you and it is wise for us to check those conflicts out before installing the themes and plugins. You can contact the developer if you have any doubt regarding the compatibility of the themes and the plugins.

  • Chances of Your Website Being Hacked

Hacking takes place every now and then and the hackers don’t want to miss out any good opportunity for hacking your website and capture the vital information of your users. It is wise to get the security issues of the website get solved on a regular basis so that the bad guys are not able to enter the internal part of the website through the loopholes. The admin area of the website should be managed properly and the passwords must be kept strong so that the malicious bots are not able to enter the system.

In such cases, the web hosting providers should come ahead for protecting your site. You have to remain in their constant contact and must provide all the required information to them so that they can protect the site in the best manner. There are tools available which will tell you whether your website has been hacked or not.

We understand that not able to access your own site is a bit frustrating and irritating moment for you but with the help of the above-given steps you can easily find out what the problem is and once again try accessing your WordPress Development website smoothly.

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