Affiliate Marketing Ideas – Make Money in 2018

Affiliate marketing is a very hot topic in digital industry at the moment. Most of the people who are running their own blogs or websites rely on this kind of marketing for their living. And there are many great stories on how people went from $1 to $1 Million using this strategy.

But how does this actually work?

Before we explain the process, let’s first know what affiliate marketing actually is. In this process, you are a partner with a particular company whose products you will be marketing. And these products can be the topic of discussion in one of your posts, or complete blog or website of yours. You will be recommending these products to your audience.

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Now, what would happen when you recommend? Most of the people keep recommending various products. But every product is not related to affiliate marketing.

In this strategy, if someone clicks your link and make a purchase, you will get some commission on that from the website. That’s the basic working of Affiliate Marketing. For example, if someone is searching for Best M8BET and SBOBET in Thailand, then he will land on one of the websites –, where he will find lots of affiliate links to these games. And if he clicks those links, the website owners would be benefitted.

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Let’s now talk about how you can do this for your own website. Before diving in, you have to sign up on the affiliate pages of these websites and get approved. Then only you will be able to monetize these ideas.


In this, you can create a website on ideas such as “Best casinos at xyz place”. And after you promote your website and sufficient traffic starts landing there, you can switch to affiliate marketing. How you can carry this out?

Link back to the famous online casinos (those who have excellent casino reviews) you have talked about in your article. And when people start clicking those links, the casinos will give you some minimum percentage of the revenue generated to them. is a great website and inspirational too.

Sports Betting

This works similar to online casino. Sign up on the affiliate pages of various sports betting websites, and carry out the similar pattern as that of casino. Make a website dedicated to sports betting, and link back different websites such as Bet365, and so on. They will, in turn, give you compensation for all those people who visit them through your website.


Amazon is another major affiliate company widely used by people all over the world. Different products have different compensation values. And that depend on the cost of those products. You can easily incorporate them in your website, unlike betting and gambling.

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