Tips to improve your Woocommerce Store’s Customer Experience


  1. Focus on the navigation of your website – One of the important things that contributes to the grown of any website is its user experience. And the success of any ecommerce website lies in its Information Architecture. The navigation of the website is very vital in getting the required visibility for the website and to enhance the customer experience and sales. The website in which users can reach the products within very less clicks is considered as the one with the best customer experience. The presentation of the products should also be in an intuitive way that would really help in enhancing the customer experience from the website. There are many javascripts that could enhance the UX like the Featured Product sliders, Quick View of products, etc.
  2. Name the product categories and subcategories rightly – Grouping of the products under appropriate categories and subcategories will also add a lot of value to the user experience of the website. This makes the products particularly easy to find for the users, which in turn enhances the sales probability of these. Apart from the grouping, the naming of the categories and subcategories is also important. The naming or grouping has to be in a logical way that even a layman should be able to understand that and also it should be able to give an idea to the users as to where to look out for these products- under which categories or subcategories.  This proper structuring of the categories and subcategories will enhance the search engine friendliness also of the website as well as this, if done right, will automatically structure the page title and breadcrumbs in a proper format.
  3. Add plugins that enhances the UX – One of the biggest advantages of Woocommerce is that it has a great community with tons of plugins, which can probably solve any  known problem in Woocommerce with regards to its features or functionalities. There are many plugins that enhances the customer experience and one such plugin that adds real value to the woocommerce store is the woocommerce product addons. This plugin is used to collect extra data from the users, wherein the admin has an option to add custom form fields from the back-end which would be displayed on the product page and the users can select these in the front-end website. So with this plugin in place, while making a purchase on a Woocommerce store, users can give additional data about the products that they have chosen and these data will also be submitted along with the order details to the admin or the website owner. This plugin allow to collect various form elements like Custom price fields, Custom price calculations, Text area, Radio button, Checkbox field, Email field, etc. There is also a premium version of the woocommerce extra product options plugin available on the developer website, named Acowebs.
  4. Product description and copywriting – The product description and the intuitiveness of the copy is really important for persuading the customers to make the sales. It has to stand out from the competitors but at the same time emphasize on the features, advantages and benefits of the product in a very simple and easy to understand language. Many people doesn’t focus on this, but end up using plagiarized contents which in turn gives a cliche feel to the users. This would also affect the SEO of the website badly.
  5. Adding genuine reviews – Reviews, if real, adds a lot of credibility to the website. This gives a real experience about the product and also creates a trust to users towards the website. Please make sure that these are real reviews and also use a fair policy to show the negative reviews as well. One important aspect here is to increase the number of real reviews. You could plan different campaigns for the increasing the reviews and also offer some discount to users for submitting a genuine review.
  6. Website Loading Speed – Finally, ensuring that the website is coded according to the latest standards and also the server used are those that gives the maximum speed is also not a negligible aspect. You could also look for some CDNs services which in turn proves the website speed as the data from the nearest server would be served to the users, based on their location.

Woocommerce is definitely a good bet for your ecommerce store as it offers a wide range of features and is very easy to use as well as to develop. Apart from the large and active WordPress community there a lot of websites that offer woocommerce plugins at cost-effective rates and these factors makes WordPress and Woocommerce the ideal choice for both designers and developers around the world equally. Designers love this as it is easy to adapt to any designs without thinking of much restructuring on the creativity. Developers love this as working on Woocommerce is comparatively easier, especially with such a big repository of free and premium plugins.

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