3 Ways to quickly generate Content for your new websites

People today are extremely busy in their lives now. And they continuously find out ways to save their time.

One of the most time consuming processes which people usually detest is writing content. Be it your own blog, or website or simply a college essay, nobody really likes writing such boring content.

But what if we tell you, that you can easily save your time here? We have some amazing tricks here which will help you generate content very quickly. Then you might be needed solely to have a look at how the content was written and improve a bit if required. So, without any further delay, let’s look at those popular ways.

Paraphrasing tools

If you have a new website, you would definitely want a lot of content to add there immediately. And if you start writing it yourself, you are sure to get frustrated. So to help you with this, paraphrasing tool is a great save. These tools are based on artificial intelligence, which study the pattern of article already written. And then, they rephrase the entire content in new words. This content can be for any purpose, such as

  • Long articles
  • Emails
  • Essays for college
  • Business documents, and so on.

In addition to the services provided, they are absolutely free to use. This state-of-the-art technology is a great save for content writers of today’s time.


You can visit some popular forums that are based on the theme of your website. Pick up some already existing questions and answers and use them to create new content for your website. Earlier, we talked about how to rephrase the existing content. This idea talks about how to generate new such ideas.

One thing which you would have to take care here is, that you would have to heavily modify the questions and answers. And that is because these things from forums are always indexed in Google or search engines. So if you are working for SEO, you would have to take care that your content is unique.

Social Media

The same thing can be done with social media as well. Join various groups and pages and search for questions related to your theme. People post so many different kinds of answers to the said question. So just like in previous case, you can use them and combine them to form a great answer. Here, the caution can be taken less since most of the social media posts are not indexed in search results.

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