How to create a Website for Music Charts

Each day, more and more websites come into existence. Many people out there are busy looking for ways to create a perfect website for them. And why not? Each business definitely needs a proper website to succeed.

Same is the case with music. Whether you own a music based company, or you simply wish to share your views on top charts, you need to own a website. But how would you do that?

If you are from technical background and you are beginning your journey into websites, it would be a piece of cake for you. But for those who have no idea how these things work, might find it difficult to begin with. So we have a great solution to all your woes. Here we are going to help you create a website for your music charts. These charts can include ideas such as:

The steps followed will nearly be the same for all kinds of music related website. So have a look and get started with your work.

Do the basics

By basics, we mean domain name, hosting, etc. If you are going to create a website, you need to have a name for that, right?

So search for a good domain name and purchase it. You can do both these steps on same a website like namecheap, godaddy, etc. After you have purchased the domain, you need to look after the hosting now. Hosting can be of 3 types: dedicated, shared and vps. Check out all the three and buy the one that suits your needs at the present. This covers your basics.

Setup WordPress

Next comes the main action, setting up your website. And for this, you need to install and set up WordPress on your system. This is a platform that will help you build a website with great ease, without having to go through the hassle of all the technical stuff like coding.

Once you have installed WordPress, choose a theme for your music based website. There are some great themes out there, such as Kentha, Lucille, etc. They focus mainly on music, giving you a great feel once you see their demo versions.

After you have activated the chosen theme, look out for some suitable plugins that will help you embed music in your website. Plugins are the ones that will make most of your work easier. For every functionality that you wish to include in your website, you will find a great suitable plugin for that. So search and activate all the necessary plugins you find.


Your website structure is ready, and now you just have to add content to it to make it presentable. Post that, start with the marketing and promotions. Build your social media presence as much as possible, and actively start promoting your website. While social media is important, SEO is also equally important. So amidst all, don’t forget to work on this area as well.

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