3 Web Hosts which allow you to create a Movie Streaming Website

If you need to create a movie hosting website, you need a dedicated server. But you cannot take any server in any country for your purpose. Normally for this offshore hosting is used.

But how is it different from normal hosting?

Offshore hosting cannot be done in any random country. Some countries, such as Netherlands, have very relaxed rules of hosting, which is the primary reason for majority of movie streaming websites to be hosted here.

Usually, countries like India and USA are popular for hosting the websites. But they have very strict laws pertaining to what kind of content is being shared by the people. And this, sometimes, does not allow movies to stream freely. While with offshore hosting, the countries have comparatively relaxed laws for copyrights. They are more privacy based, which means that they generally do not check what a user is doing with its server.

Hence, all the businesses which cater to movies, torrents, etc. are hosted offshore in these countries only. From here, you can make any website to allow users watch movies online free on sites like putlocker. There are plenty of websites that offer offshore hosting to a user. Some of the popular ones are:


Through Underhost, you can get access to any kind of hosting you need for your movie streaming website. And the prices per month are reasonable enough. The package you get from here includes numerous facilities, such as:

  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • Free domain name
  • technical support
  • ssl support, and many more.


Evoluso provides dedicated offshore servers in 4 different locations, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Not only you will get unlimited traffic, you might also get a free control panel. Because of this facility, it is counted amongst the best offshore web hosting providers for movie streaming websites. Now you can easily let people watch movies online(on sites like putlockers) if your website is hosted in any of these countries.


Not just offshore hosting, this web host offers multiple types of hosting to its users. This offshore and anonymous web hosting provider is offering such services since 2000. And because of that, it has today become one of the most popular web hosting providers all over the world. They provide services in 8 locations, and own thousands of servers and IP addresses. And many websites like 123movies are hosted here.

Along with providing the hosting, they also secure and protect you from any external attacks.

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