Here’s What 2018 Has Taught Us About Content Marketing and SEO

2018 is here with us and progressing well. So far, digital marketing has already shown some unique trends that were not present in previous years. Professionals from any reputable digital company claim that there is still more to come before the end of the year.

But what has the year taught us so far about content marketing and SEO? It is important that all website owners and SEO experts know this so that they can adopt what is good for them or avoid what will have adverse effects on their business.

Content Is King

Over the years, there has been a major emphasis on the need to supply the audience with superior content. 2018 is not any different; content still rules in this marketing strategy. Since the beginning of the year, the Google search engine is not considering longer articles with more relevant details when conducting the ranking of websites. They are also concerned with how often a website is posting fresh content that is helpful to the audience. More traffic will flow into a site if visitors can find useful information.

Going Mobile Is a Survival Tactic

As more people use their smartphones to browse on a daily basis, websites without mobile capability are likely to die. According to statistics, the number of people visiting the web using mobile phones is greater than those who are using a PC.

A company must go this direction or face elimination from the arena. The experts point out that almost every new business website created in 2018 has this capability. After all, it is the only way to survive.

Keywords Change Without Notice

It is up to the website owner or manager to keep checking the trending keywords before conducting enhancements. What was trending yesterday may not necessarily be useful today. This is how unpredictable 2018 has been as far as SEO is concerned. Luckily, there are numerous tools that help the experts monitor keyword changes in real time as long as they have identified the niche. Make use of these tools to avoid wasting a lot of time for nothing.

Social Media and Email

Most people, including content managers, have ruled out email as a channel for sharing information. The focus is now on social media platforms, which share content perfectly. It is important for a business to have these pages and groups. However, sharing content through email is equally important. Most experts are still using this method to reach the target audience in a more customized way. The audience will feel that you are focused on them when using email.

Media Keeps Audience Focused on a Website

Bringing the audience to the website is one thing while locking them in is another. The more time a person spends on a website, the higher the chances of converting them. Reports indicate that sites with compelling media like videos, podcasts and images are the best to lock in the customers. This content also makes sure that a web user returns. Every Content and SEO manager in 2018 should know this well by now.

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