How to show Live Score of Soccer in WordPress Blog?

Interactive websites are a new trend these days. And with people being on the move, everybody don’t have much time to watch the television for their favorite sports. So they often check their favorite sports websites for the live scores.

Out of all the sports, soccer and cricket are the most popular ones all across the world. But even out of the 2, soccer is the preferred game. And people wish to watch the live score of ongoing football matches anywhere they can find.

The live score comes handy mostly in the cases of websites that are based on casinos or sports betting. Along with placing the bets and checking for free casino credits (แจกเครดิตฟรี 2018 ล่าสุด) on platforms like betway88, people would also like to keep track of the score to analyze the bets on every step.

Now for that, there are various plugins which will help you add live score of soccer on your wordpress website or blog. You just have to download and install the plugin. The score would go live immediately. Here are some of the popular plugins for the same purpose.


Football Live Scores

This is the most popular plugin used to add live score of football matches. All major leagues are taken into account. And this plugin is highly compatible with all the devices. Use this plugin if you are making a website oriented towards soccer or sports as whole.


This is another popular plugin widely used for soccer alone. You can show the live scores of popular tournaments going on, such as la liga, epl, etc. This no add, no iframe plugin gives a great user experience and improves the performance of your website. As a direct result, people will stay on your website for long, hence increasing the revenue potential of your website.

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Working with this plugin is extremely easy. This is highly responsive and easily customizable. With great number of features added to the list, you will surely enjoy adding this to your website.

Live Scores

This plugin not only covers football, but 6 more sports events in 250+ countries. The other games include Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Handball, American Football, Volleyball. You can easily add live scores of any of these games to your website using this popular plugin.

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