How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing 2019?

SEO is a search engine optimization technique that is increasing the ranking of website or visibility of a website on the search engine (Google).  In this procedure to generate online traffic to a website or webpage in a web search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc for better results. Generally, higher ranked WebPages are more often appear in the search results list and therefore more visitors will visit that website and those visitors counted as customers. In all around the customers usually, check out the first 2 or 3 listing links and decide the visiting website. Many business organization wants to make a better presence on the search engine and promote own business in around the world. With the help of SEO, you can easily rank your website on top and check out the competition. And if you were to visit website of SEO experts who can rank your website higher, you’d know how SEO can be applied to your website.

Most of the time, people do a search in Google and check the top three local listing, then you need to optimize your Google my business listing.  The top ranking business companies using the online scheduling  for communication with the customer and give better satisfaction. Customers easily make an online appointment scheduling and contact with the expert team without any hassle. For local businesses make sure about the making of website results on a search engine and optimized the Google My Business listing.  Every customer wants to more information about the business without going to down scroll.   Many clients want to optimized Google My Business Listing, and then follow some basic steps such as:

  • Set up your Google Business listing: The step is set up the Your Google My Business listing. You can go to Google My Business page and click on start button.   After that, you need to fill up relevant fields that offered by Google.  You want to make sure about all information of business and every piece of information is accurate.
  • Choose a relevant, specific category: The category you choose will help to Google decide which searches your local listing.  You have to choose a given category without creating own.  In this category, you just define the business type and description of the business.
  • Load quality and high-resolution images: The images help your listing stand out and give the potential customers for your business.   Then, you need to make sure about the quality of images that show your business products presence.
  • Make sure about own information: Google algorithms verify all information about you and your business products and check out the listed of your business across the different websites. It is a simple process and your address is the same each time you enter it somewhere else.  You need to pick out the standard way to write address, phone number and make sure about all listing are match each other and information which provide by you on your website.
  • Use a local number: In this step, you need to use your phone number with consistent between your all different listing.  It is an important task for you to use the local area code with a phone number. You need to make sure about your phone number that uses for Google My Business listing is also displayed on your website homepage and landing page.   This homepage or other landing page is also connecting with Google listing.
  • Avoid Penalty: If you can do to optimize website or listing will be nil, and if you are bringing upon yourself penalty.  Google also suspend the business listing for a range of offenses.   Then, the suspend situation very stressful, depressed for businesses and the best way to avoid anything which put yourself into risk.  There are some things to avoid by businesses such as:
  • Using specific URL that redirects your website as compared to actual URL itself.
  • Trying to keyword into your business name.
  • Have multiple local listing for same business location.
  • Using an address that is not physical appearance in front of the store.
  • Encourage reviews: Google always provides useful information for all users and users find out the nearby business that is best for them.  In this case, your business gets benefits and a high star rating.  You can easily ask you’re happy customers to give a valuable review of your business and include promotional materials.  Through the positive reviews, your business makes a better presence in the local area and customers mind.   Your business makes your loyal customers that are like your business products and give valuable words.
  • Optimized content and website: If you want to make a better ranking of your website, then you need to optimize content and website for search.  You do not need to focus on optimizing local listing. There are some key points  such as:
  • Use relevant keyword into the Meta tags and copy on each page.
  • Add schema markup to your website.
  • Create effective content with a local focus.
  • Use local linking opportunities.


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