The Best Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

Writing all the information in a research paper is not an easy task for everyone. There are a lot of rules that need to be followed while writing especially a research paper. You need to collect a lot of information from different sources and put them in your paper. The biggest problem that many people face during writing a research paper is Plagiarism. It is a serious offence and may become the reason of rejection of the paper. Plagiarism is consider as steeling and no one will like to be called a thief either one do it intentionally or un-intentionally.

One can find its related information from different sources which is quite easy to do but putting that information into your research paper without plagiarism is a difficult job that may frustrate you and deviate you from the topic however, there are multiple ways that you can adopt to avoid plagiarism some of the ways are discussed below.

Use Citation

The one and best way to avoid plagiarism is use of citation. It means you will give credit to one (source) from which you got the information. If you do not give the credit and show someone’s research as yours than you will be not able to do that without plagiarism.

It is most effective way that can be used to avoid plagiarism and to make your paper realistic and authentic. Make the citations correctly as if you want to give credit to the source but you do not do it correctly then all your hard work will go in vain.

There are multiple ways to cite a source but the best will be the one which follows the guidelines provided by your institute about citation. As if you do the citing according to the rules that than your hard work will get paid and your paper may get published.


Paraphrasing is a technique that is widely used by multiple writers and student to avoid plagiarism. It is a technique in which one writes the given information into his own words.

This technique works best when someone has good grip on the language in which is going to write the paper. Knowledge of lots of synonyms and sentence formation plays key role in paraphrasing. In Quoting you have to give full credit to the source and need to write the same words that writer used in the paper from where you got the information but in paraphrasing you can change your words and write down information in your own words. You still have to give credit to the writer where it’s needed.

If you don’t have grip on language then you can hire a good writer that will do your work in return of some money. You hire writers from multiple sites and social media. The other way to do paraphrasing is to find and use the best paraphrasing tool expect available all other paraphrasing tools. While many tools available online both free and paid that will help you in paraphrasing. You just need to paste you article in and the tool will do all the rest work and give you paraphrased text that you can use in your research paper.

Both free and paid tools can be used the only difference between them is the limit words that can be paraphrased. Some give 500 words and some give 1000 words limit in free version.

Proof Reading

Proof reading is also a good practice that will help in making your work plagiarism free. It involves the reading and rereading of the written matter. When you read a document multiple time than you will be able to make changes in it according to your need. It is an effective practice as much time reading enables you to understand the concept of the information and then you can use synonyms to make changes to you can change the whole sentence.

Proof reading is mostly done when you rewrite the paper by hiring a writer or by using a tool. No matter how much good article rewriting tool you have used, proof reading will make your writing more effective and accurate and ultimately free from plagiarism. Proof reading does not take much time and look for the mistakes and to ensure that information is cited accurately.

Use of Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is another tool that can be used to make your paper free of plagiarism. These various websites like seo magnifier are offering the online duplicate content detection tools and you can use it without facing any difficulty. This plagiarism checker tool will look for plagiarism by comparing your article with millions of web-pages and books in his data base. If it found any duplicate material in the paper that part is highlighted. Besides this multiple synonyms options are also available that helps you out in this difficult situation and to make your research paper look original.

Use of Quotes

Quoting is another master technique to remove plagiarism. In it the whole sentence from a famous writer or research is used without changing its single word and then citation is also done for that line.

It is another method of giving credit to the original author as done in citation. Quoting does not take much time and giving reference won’t consider as plagiarism.

Give Reference

References are the backbone of a research paper. Every good writer takes care of them. Reference is another form of giving credit to the source from where the information is obtained.  References are normally used at the end of research paper on full page which is known as reference page. But it is not mandatory to use them at the end you can use it after completing a chapter of information and before starting the writing of paper.

Conclusion: These are some ways that can be used to avoid plagiarism in a research paper. I personally used them while writing a research paper of my client and it gives me amazing results and client satisfaction too. I hope you will like this information and planning to use it. Please live a comment for use if you like the post or have any suggestions. Thanks!

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