What is cPanel and why is it Helpful?

cPanel is the web based control panel that helps you in managing your web hosting server. Using this control dashboard, you can manage all the hosted services in one place itself, such as

  • email addresses
  • databases
  • PHP versions
  • domain names, etc.

cPanel has become extremely popular in today’s time, possible due to its large community base which can help you in each and every problem you face. Moreover, it is highly customizable and has a very easy to use interface which makes it comfortable for the beginners as well.

How to access?

Now when you know that this is so much popular, how can you start using it if you are a first time user?

Get the address of the panel from your web host provider. Access that address via a secure https connection in your browser. Alternatively, you can access your cPanel (only if your host provider uses it) via any of the below links:

  • http://sitename.com:2082
  • https://sitename.com:2083

2082 and 2083 are the port numbers which cPanel listens to. Once you open the link, enter the username and password which your provider has shared with you. Below are some of the very popular features you will get access to, once you login.


Why is it helpful?

cPanel is the most helpful thing for website owners. It lets you perform various actions with ease, which would make you feel dependent on cPanel all the time.

Install WordPress

When you have access to cPanel, you can easily install WordPress with just a few clicks. Not just this, you can install many other software easily without having to go through rigorous process. For that, you need to look for autoinstaller section in your cPanel and click on the software you wish to install.

Having cPanel shared web hosting is the most beneficial thing, if you are a small business looking for shared web hosting.

Company email address

Using your domain name, you can also create your email addresses easily. This can be done by clicking on “Email Accounts” under Email section. Further, enter the desired address and password, and you are set to go.

Other benefits

The list of advantages is huge. Some other benefits you get from having cPanel access include

  • Add new domain names
  • Add subdomains
  • Upload and manage files
  • Backing up your website, and so on.

Overall, this is a great solution which you must give a try.

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