Work From Home Options for Beginners

If you’re looking for a change in your work environment, consider joining the work-from- home crowd. The numbers of workers who telecommute is rising. Global Workplace Analytics reports that the number of telecommuting workers has increased 115% in a decade and estimates are that the number of employees who complete their assignments remotely will rise in the coming years. 

What are your options for working from home? You might discuss the option of working from home with your existing employer. More companies are offering telecommuting options and larger companies are those that are the most likely to offer the option to their workers. Alternately, you can look for a new job that is centered in your home. Some of the options include: 


Some companies post work-at-home jobs on job boards, social media sites and other places where job-hunters check. Companies such as Apple, Net, Stateside and other small and large firms want workers who can carry out assignments from home while reporting to the company. Some of these jobs involve office visits once or twice a week or even once or twice a month. Others are completely remove and allow the worker to live in a different city or region!  

Jobs that these companies want to fill range from sales and customer relations representatives who can speak to customers on the phone to individuals who can provide transcription, writing and marketing services. 

Software Developers

There’s no need for a software developer to work in an office. That’s what increasing numbers of tech companies are discovering as the find that they save costs by hiring staffers who can work from home. 

Software development is a growing business. In addition, the explosion of the mobile market has created a large demand for tech-savvy workers who can develop apps. Many of the online casino use home-based app developers to design online casino apps for online casino games. 

Virtual Assistant

Secretaries are now online in many offices. Management how sends assignments and manages appointments through telecommunication with a virtual assistant who works from her home. There’s a lot of potential in a job as a virtual assistant because the job can grow based on the talents and abilities of the assistant. Many small businesses hire virtual assistants who will help out as needed, rather than hiring a permanent employee. 

This works well for both the assistant, who may not be able to work full-time but can complete assignments that only demand a part-time commitment, and for the company that reduces its costs by paying for fewer hours. 

Medical Transcriptionist

Health and senior care are two of the fastest-growing fields in the job market. The aging population is creating more of a need for health care workers and this includes workers who can work on their assignments from home. 

Transcriptionists listen to and type up dictation from doctors. The work isn’t easy – some of these doctors have thick accents, eat, drink, chew gum during dictations and slur words. Good transcriptionists are in high demand. The base salary of a medical transcriptionist is over twice the minimum wage.  

Call Center Rep

At one time, call centers were all located in one big room. Each call center rep had his/her own headset and everyone spoke to their client at once. Today many call centers are virtual, with each rep sitting in his/her own home.

Remote call center work was once outsourced but the complaints about reps who couldn’t speak English came fast and furious. Today more and more companies are using “home-shore” work-at-home reps whose native language is English. Pay may be by the minute rather than by the hour, meaning that workers may not be paid for time that they spend waiting by the phone.


Do you know something? How to sew? How to crochet? Do you speak another language?  Do you have tech abilities that others might want to learn? You can teach online. Virtual learning is one of the biggest and fastest-expanding fields in today’s education world. You can teach or tutor virtually, using collaborative multi-media software that’s designed for just that purpose.

You’ll also notice that there are more teacher jobs being posted and can be fulfilled through online web-conferencing. Your income will depend on the number of hours that you teach and the subjects that you teach.

Writing and Editing

There are frequent listings for writing, editing and proofreading work, both for print work and Internet publishing.  You don’t need previous writing experience to join the blogosphere. You can create your own blog and develop revenue-sharing arrangements or blog for someone else’s site.

Working at home saves you time and expenses on commuting. Plus, it’s a good way to work in a quiet, non-pressured atmosphere. Telecommuting isn’t appropriate for every person or for every job but it’s a good option for many. 


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