Does Having a Video Surveillance affects the Morale of your Employees?

In a negative way, yes.

Many businesses put up video surveillances with the hope that this would improve productivity and keep safety in check. While in many cases this is surely achieved, but the morale of employees is also affected.

These surveillances are causing alteration in behavior of the employees. That behavior not only affects their professional life, but interferes with their personal life as well. The stress level increases, identity loss occurs and even privacy is compromised. The morale of the employees suffers and at the end, productivity hampers in the long run.

Force identical habits

When employees are monitored by the surveillance, their work pattern is taken into consideration. This way, managers get a chance to point out bad and good habits, comparing them to other employees. This forces everyone to follow a similar pattern of work behavior.

Can you imagine the side effects?

The creativity is lost, and you tend to become a machine for your company. This forced behavior affects your morale to a great extent, making you believe that you are good for nothing. Although this is not the case in most of the situations. But many people who face depression at work, this is one of the major contributors to the condition.

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Objective analysis

Employees are now treated as mere numbers, instead of humans. Each and every work is monitored by the surveillance, and then evaluated on an objective scale. When you are considered objectively, rather than as individual personalities, your morale takes a bad hit.

No one deserves to get treated this way. The work, when evaluated on an objective scale, loses creativity. Moreover, each person is different from one another. So taking them on subjective level will help increase their productivity rather than going with objective analysis.

When you discount subjective analysis, your employees will reduce their self confidence and might start feeling undervalued. They will either start performing poorly at work, or simply quit.

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