Create and Present Stunning PowerPoint Presentations with FPPT

Microsoft PowerPoint, the pioneer in presentation technology, continues to offer its users fantastic ways to create presentations. It’s a great, reliable tool that people have been using to create different kinds of slideshows for business, school, personal, and other uses. Over the years, it continues to come up with different and improved features to make the whole slideshow creation and presentation processes so much more effective.

However, while it offers many features to make it quick and easy for anyone to create presentations, many presenters still fall into the trap that is more commonly known as “death by PowerPoint.” This is when you put too much of everything that your message gets lost. Still, you can avoid that with the help of templates and other resources provided by Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT).

A Trusted Resource for PowerPoint Presentations

Free PowerPoint Templates (a.k.a. FPPT) offers a wide range of templates and resources used by professional and amateur presenters alike. The portal has one of the largest collection of templates around, numbering to over 10 thousand, and counting.

This free resource for presentation backgrounds and assets contains hundreds of categories, allowing you plenty of choices as you look for the best PowerPoint template that would best suit your needs. In terms of design, theme, topic, and color scheme, you will have no shortage of options as you browse through the different kinds of templates and other resources.

There are templates that are for general use, which can be helpful go-to templates for those who are pressed for time or practically for anyone. There are also templates that are created for specific topics or purposes These kinds of templates provide a good framework to work with as you just follow the notes or slide headers and you input the needed information on each slide.

These templates already have a structure that will help guide you and give you the best chances of staying in topic while keeping things brief and to the point, which are important in presentations.

Avoid the Dreaded Death by PowerPoint

Let’s face it, despite advances in technology, many presenters still fall into the trap that is more commonly known as “death by PowerPoint.” This can add to the drudgery that is notoriously associated with meetings, conferences, and speeches. People find these events counterproductive and they tend to tune out when presentations become boring, which is more often than not.

Death by PowerPoint can usually be attributed to poor design and simply too much of everything—text, effects, animations, and so on. In other words, there’s no balance between information and entertainment, message and design. With FPPT, you can be sure that you avoid this dreadful scenario that can also damper your presentation skills and confidence.

With FPPT, you can be sure that the slides you present are high-quality and beautifully made. All the templates are designed by professionals. The images are high quality, and quality design elements are observed, so your presentations will always look amazing.

The templates are also made specially for PowerPoint, so the transition from template to your very own presentation is seamless and flawless. Once you download a template, the design blends well with PowerPoint’s built-in layouts. The templates come with different designs to accommodate PowerPoint’s layouts and formatting, so your slides remain cohesive without looking too uniform and dull Aside from the title slide, the templates also have a variety of inside slide designs. With these, you can easily type in your text or insert any object, such as picture, chart, graphs, SmartArt, shapes, video clips, audio, and many more.

All these said, you can definitely avoid “death by PowerPoint” because you have a guide, slide by slide, to help you figure out how to better present your data.

Easily Customizable Templates to Make Your Deck Unique

While FPPT offer templates, you don’t have to worry that your deck will look like somebody else’s. Each template in the huge and diverse collection in the portal is created unique from each other. The templates can also be easily customized to bring out your personality and represent your brand.

Aside from templates and slide background and designs, FPPT also offers effects, animations, video and pictures slides, as well as tips to help you become better at creating PowerPoint presentations. There are single slides with expertly created effects that can help you drive your point clearly to your audience without using a lot of words or slides. There are also specialized videos and sound clips that you can use for certain topics. Furthermore, some templates contain graphs, charts, and SmartArt that you can’t otherwise find within PowerPoint. These objects can greatly help you better present your data and offer a more unique look to your whole presentation. Furthermore, the templates are fully compatible with other presentation tools, including LibreOffice, Keynote or even Google Slides.

Professionals and amateur presenters alike rely on free PowerPoint templates to help them churn out great-looking and stunning presentations every time. After all, it’s easier and faster to use presentation templates because you don’t have to design slides from scratch, saving time and money compared to doing them all yourself from the ground up or paying for someone else to do it for you.

So, with the right designs and layouts provided by FPPT templates, you can have the backbone of a good presentation. These templates can help guide you through the presentation process, from creating the first slide until you’re already on the podium in front of your audience.

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