10 Tips to Help You Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

You would have many or at least some of your friends say about the opportunities digital marketing has when it comes to building a career. With businesses trying hard to establish themselves online, digital marketing has great potential in being one’s career line.

A business or brand is all about selling and establishing themselves so that their products or services are available all around the globe. Digital marketing has a huge role to play in this regard. Learn and acquire knowledge in digital marketing; build yourself up to shape up a career in it and you’ll see that success for your career line has no limits. If you are in South India or Kerala and looking for an excellent institute to take up a digital marketing course, look online for digital marketing course in Kochi. Google will list down some of the best institutes in Cochin.

Below are the 10 tips to help you kick-start your career in digital marketing

1) Be an active player on Social Media

You might have an Instagram and a Facebook account that which you use to scroll down to see others posts or simply to share your good-looking selfies. But when it comes to building your career in digital marketing, this won’t work. You need to know how well social media works; how businesses and leading brands use them to connect with users. By understanding how social media marketing works, you will be able to build relationships with users whom you can turn to loyal customers and so boost up sales, and so build a brand.

2) Create a detailed LinkedIn profile

As we all know, LinkedIn is the best professional community network space. Keep your profile up-to-date with all the courses you have taken, works undertaken, skills learnt, etc. Also, write articles and share posts that relate to digital marketing. These will help you express your expertise in the field. Any recruiter coming contact could easily offer you a job, which could be the beginning of your dream career.

3) Start a blog

You might not be someone with excellent writing skills. But a blog of your own is an excellent platform to show your expertise and plus it would make an excellent place to test all the skills you have just learned! A blog is a very powerful tool in SEO and content marketing as it gives us full advantage over your content. For eg, while analysing the blog of one of the leading web development company in India, I could see that it has some good blogs like advantages of e commerce which brings in good traffic to the website, as this (and similar) keywords also caters to their target audience, who are looking for their services. This is exactly the power of blogging.

4) Understand all about SEO, Analytics and Webmaster

You might have heard about Search Engine Optimization having two major parts: on-page and off-page. Understand how each of them works and also practice them. Also, learn how Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools can help you build your website’s performance. There is a guide from Google that will teach you the basics, but experience will make the learning process more thorough. Remember the point about starting your own blog; you could make use of it here.

5) Learn to code

Learn to code does not mean that you have to learn some programming languages and begin developing a webpage or website yourself. When it comes to digital marketing, you will have to work on WordPress. Now, in WordPress you can use simple HTML codes to put in data on your webpage. So it is essential that you have knowledge in some coding aspects yourself.

6) Take up a digital marketing course

By seeing all the above points, you might have built up an opinion that you yourself can learn digital marketing. Not that you are wrong, but it is always better to have someone more experienced to guide you through. So take up a digital marketing course. If you are looking for a good place to learn these courses in North Kerala, search for the best SEO course in Calicut and you could find the top institutes there – just go through the credentials of each institute and choose the one which you feel is the best.

7) Stay up to date with the latest trends

The digital marketing world is a fast changing one. By the time you have learned so much, those techniques would have been considered outdated by other digital marketers. Also, there is this frequent algorithm changes by Google. So this is very important: update yourself with the latest changes.

8) Grow your network

There are several groups and forums online that are active and hold discussions and talks on the most recent changes or events in the field. There would be several well-experienced digital marketers from whom you could learn a lot. So look for such groups or forums and be a part of it; grow your network online.

9) Take up some online courses online

You might have completed a course on digital marketing from a reputed digital marketing institute in Kerala, but that does not mean that you have learned every aspect of digital marketing. Therefore, it is always better to take up some online courses to help you stay updated and connected with the learning process.

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10) Decide on your career path

There are two ways that you can build your career as a digital marketer:

  • Be an in-house digital marketer who handles projects for a specific industry by working within a company. Here you would have to look at a limited number of projects, but will have to take care of the complete strategies and chances are there you won’t have a bog team to manage and support you in this. However, if you’re performing well, this would help you in a stable career growth.


  • Work for an agency that handles multiple projects from different clients. This would give you a versatile experience as you could work on different industries and types of clients. Also you could get an experience of how an agency works and how the digital marketing tasks on a single project are assigned to a team where many people have ownership of different stages/phases of a project.

It is your choice; you could start with one and then switch to another.

Digital marketing is one industry that will always keep things interesting for you by giving you a lot of opportunities to learn and build your career. So keep the points mentioned above in mind and work to become an expert digital marketer. With digital marketing, your career will have no bounds; it will grow based on how much you learn and practice.

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