How can VPN help you access restricted Websites?

Ever faced problem with restricted access to your desired website? You are not alone in that if you faced so. Well, VPN is there to solve your issues. With the help of VPN, you can easily access such websites which your organization otherwise do not allow.

But before we move ahead and discuss how it can help, how much aware are you with this whole VPN concept?

Virtual Private Network

VPN, or Virtual Private Network connects you to the internet via a virtual network. It connects your device to the other network via a secure connection to help you browse the internet. Exactly how does this happens? VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN server, which protects you from the prying eyes of hackers and other bodies. It thus helps you mask your identity.

When you have to surf something, you first reach that VPN server through that tunnel, and then you are directed to the open internet. In short, the one surfing the internet is not you, but will appear to be your VPN server. In this way, your location and identity stay safe from your ISPs and other governing bodies.

How it helps in accessing restricted content?

Now when your identity is masked, you are no longer in the governing range of the bodies putting restrictions. And that would mean you can easily browse the restricted content as well, since the IP is of the country you have put in your VPN.

For example, if you wish to browse the Norwegian TV abroad, you cannot do that in any other country. So how will you view them? VPNs come handy here. You will set your country to Norweigh in your VPN, and then you will be able to freely enjoy the television serials and other such content.

Another less popular, but existent scenario is when websites on some health topics are banned. For example, a person is preaching about diabetes cure, can be banned in some areas where heavy medicine dosage for the disease is prevalent. They would definitely not want people to cure themselves instead of taking medicines. Hence they ban such content. VPN comes a lot handy here.

In this way, you not only defeat that unwanted censorship on the content, your content will also stay encrypted. That means no one can now snoop inside the data that you are browsing. And that also means no more unwanted ads in the content you wish to browse.

For long, VPN has been considered as an amazing alternative to viewing blocked content. People all across the world use VPNs to access blocked websites. Moreover, if you visit countries like China, where Facebook is blocked, you can easily access your favorite social media platforms through the help of VPNs.

Overall, VPN is a perfect solution to all your pleas if you wish to access restricted content in your office, organization, or country.

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