How Much are you Aware of Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

When we communicate with someone, it happens very less that just words matter in between. How many times it has happened with you that you want to say something else, but end up saying something else? Or your words differ from what you feel from within?

Usually in a conversation, words matter very less. The facial expressions, and hidden feelings behind the words are actual communication. And this is what NLP does. NLP understands that hidden communication behind your words.

What is NLP?

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a system, or a set of skills, that helps in understanding what matters inside and out. If we go word by word, then here is the break up of this NLP.

Neuro – This refers to the brain. It represents how the state of your mind affects your communication and body language.

Linguistic – It stands for language. The state of mind and body comes out in the form of your own personal language, which is the non verbal communication.

Programming – This represents the capacity of a person to change the state of mind and body.

When you are trained in NLP, then you can study the hidden non verbal communication of the other person. For example, if you say someone that you will help other people by giving them food, it is usually a calming activity good for brain. But that is only when the person does this happily.

If you only go by words, that he will help, you would feel that YES, he will be helping happily. But does his body language tells the same? Are his face expressions happy?

If his voice is flat and face expressionless, then probably he is telling a lie. That hidden meaning of his words is understandable when you are good with Neuro Linguistic Programming. You can study more about this on Here you will get to know much more about what is NLP, how it works and what you can make of it.

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