Why Linking News is The Best Press Release Distribution Service in The PR Industry?

The press release distribution service that is a 100% White Label Service

There are many different press release distribution service providers in the PR industry but NONE of them offer the White Label Press Release Distribution Service. If your company is not subscribed to the White Label Press Release Distribution plan, every time your press releases get distributed by the third-party press release distribution service provider to various media outlets and sites, the name of that distributor appears at the top of your press releases in the fashion ‘distributed by XXX’. This tag at the top of the press release is regarded as the source of the press release making your competitors completely aware of the marketing techniques that you employ to publicize your press releases.

When one talks about the White Label Press Release Distribution Service, what they refer to is that when a third-party press release distribution service provider takes care of the responsibilities associated with the distribution of your press releases the mention of the brand name of the third-party press release distribution service provider will not be mentioned in any part of the press releases that get distributed by them for you. What it further means is that this third-party press release distribution service provider will ensure that the press release of yours will not get published on the official websites of the third-party press release distribution service provider.

Linking News guarantees that their brand name will in no way be mentioned in the press releases or reports that they distribute for you to different media outlets, along with the guarantee that these press releases will never be published on www.linkingnews.com. Being an entrepreneur, it is never desired that your company’s competitors get any inkling about the PR or marketing strategies that you take help in order to generate profits for your company. It is unwise to let them know that your company takes the help of a third-party press release distribution service provider in order to publicize your press releases and gain momentum in the market. The White Label Press Release Distribution Solution guarantees such privacy and allows you to take the help of Linking News unhindered and in an unknown manner.

A strong and dependable press release network

For your press releases to gain the exposure that they deserve it is essential that your press releases get distributed to the platforms that are at the top of the line. Linking News has that kind of formidable reach when it comes to press release distribution. Their strong network includes as many as 10,000+ news outlets, 1,000+ social media networks, and over 30,000 journalists. This network is spread all over the world and gives your press releases the enormous exposure that it requires in order to be highly successful. The top media sites that are also part of the incredible portfolio of Linking News includes the likes of ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, Reuters. The greatest problem that any startup or struggling business faces is the problem of generating traffic. This problem is taken care of by Linking News with the help of its enormous reach which is capable of reaching the knowledge of potentially millions of viewers at times.

The Unbranded Press Release package and the Private Label Press Release package

The White Label Distribution package consists of two significant parts. They are as follows:

  • Unbranded Press Release- A package which ensures that the press releases distributed by Linking News do not bear the brand name of Linking News.
  • Private Label Press Release- This package is ideal for SEO experts, PR agencies and marketing professionals, who can take the help of Linking News to do the task of press release distribution for their own clients.

Increase your credibility and boost your visibility with Linking News

Owing to the huge network of as many as 10,000+ media outlets, 1,000+ social media sites, and 30,000+ journalists, Linking News has the capability of getting in touch with thousands of viewers from all across the globe. It is simple logic when you come to think of the visibility of a company. A company becomes more visible when it is able to reach a lot of people; more the number of people reading your press releases, more the visible your company. These viewers who get to read about your products and services will get attracted to it through them and opt to buy them, thereby making your clientele a huge one. The credibility of the company is also increased owing to Linking News’ services which allow you to include your own company’s brand name in the press releases that get distributed by them.

Linking News the company with a global network

Linking News has a global reach that makes it all the more desirable. One of the major markets of Linking News is based in China, from where Linking News accepts custom orders to spread it over an international market. The high level of popularity that Linking News enjoys in the Asian markets is made clear with the number of Chinese media outlets that it distributes its press releases to. The number is as many as 2000. Exclusive services are being provided by Linking News to its Chinese customers making it a company which has a strong foothold in the global market.

Linking News: The press release distribution service that offers much more

Linking News is not just a press release distribution service provider that takes your press releases and then goes on to distribute them. They understand the importance of a well-written press release and makes sure that their clients also understand this concept. Owing to this Linking News holds workshops whereby they teach their clients the proper way of how to write a press release and the proper use of keywords for SEO. Linking News even has many press release templates which are completely free up on their website in order to let their clients read and understand what style to use while writing a press release and which template to use for a particular type of press release. A huge number of press releases get submitted every day and it is important to know how to write one which is capable of grabbing the attention of the readers and not be discarded at a glance.

Improve your websites SEO rank with backlinks provided by the services of Linking News

In this day and age having a website only sounds reasonable when you have enough traffic to back it up. Without traffic, a website is as good as not being there. Linking News helps improve your SEO ranking and increase the traffic on your website by providing backlinks to your website from top news and media sites. Backlinks simply refer to links which allow the viewer to get redirected to the website of the client. Having your backlinks being featured on top media outlets that have millions of customers viewing it every day will only increase the number of people that visit your website, thereby generating the traffic that you desire. Apart from backlinks, the use of search engine optimized methods like keywords that have a high search volume and low competition and header tags should also be implemented by you in order to make your website relevant and keep the audience engaged. The use of relevant content and constant updating of the website with new content are some of the other tips that will help your website become successful.

Guaranteed placement and distribution

Linking News has become so great in the business of press release distribution owing to its stellar efficiency. With the aforementioned network of such huge caliber, Linking News also guarantees to make sure of your press releases getting published in distributed to the huge network that it brags of. It makes sure that all the requisite criterions that are required to make sure of distribution to the top media outlets are met with. Linking News promises to get your press releases featured on hundreds of media outlets all over the world.

Get your press releases distributed in a professional manner

Linking News has built its reputation solely based on the efficiency and skill that it has gathered through its many years of experience in the field of press release distribution. They know and understand every nook and cranny that is associated with the market of press release distribution and therefore offer you the best services that are available in the market. Their 100% White Label Solutions along with the vast and reliable network provides you a professional solution of getting your press releases distributed in front of a large audience. Linking News also provides a variety of other services which makes it perfect for guaranteeing the highest number of traffic when it comes to the distribution of your press releases. Choose Linking News if you want your press releases to be distributed professionally and efficiently. There’s one thing that Linking News never falters at, and that is efficiency.

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