How to prevent your Android phone from malware?

Like all users, you want your mobile phones to give proper service over a considerable time period. It is very necessary to do so. Else your mobile has high chances of getting infected by virus or malware. You should undertake the following steps and ensure it doesn’t happen.

1. Update your phone regularly.

Updating your phone regularly is a must. In other words, update your android version regularly. Don’t keep postponing it. Each update includes bugs that would protect your phone. You have to visit the settings icon and then proceed to system and software update. At times, the option of an update automatically blinks at the top of your phone.

2.  Don’t allow app from unknown sources.

It is very necessary that you do not allow unknown sources to infect your mobile in any way. When you go to install an app, it might be harmful for your device. In case its harmful for your device, you will automatically get a notification. It will say that this app will pose virus and malware threat to your device. Hence, you should completely avoid installing such apps. These apps infect the mobile to a great extent and therefore, cause damage to it. Another way to avoid is by going to settings. Turn off downloading app from unknown sources in settings.

Recently Google also removed 13 apps from its play store as they contained Malware. So our next point is going to be most helpful, considering apps in Google’s own play store can not be trusted.

3.  Install antivirus software.

Installation of antivirus is very helpful. Although in certain devices an inbuilt antivirus software is present, but in many devices, there are not. If it is already not present in your mobile, do not install it separately. Otherwise, go ahead with it. Be very careful. Avoid two antivirus software in the same device. It creates a lot of problems.

4.  Go through the guidelines properly.

While installation of an app, always be extra sure that it doesn’t pose any threat to your device. It is better to read the terms and conditions of an app properly before installing it. Otherwise, an app, no matter how famous it is, might not be suitable for your device. Also, always trust apps from play store primarily instead of other websites.

5.  Avoid overloading of apps.

Make sure your mobile desktop doesn’t get overcrowded by apps. Always look forward to free space. Remove similar photos from your gallery to free up space. Remove pointless apps. All these help to clear the phone and free up space. This in turn does not let malware and viruses affect your phone.

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