Are eBooks more popular than Hard Copies?

Most of the authors today have started releasing the ebooks along with the hard copies. Why? Simply because ebooks are gaining more popularity over the last 10 years.

There is just so much of comfort associated with reading an ebook, as compared to hard copies. You can buy them anytime you want. They are much more economical as compared to hard copies. Also, you can read any book you want anywhere, without bothering to carry it with you everywhere you go.

But on the other hand, even hard copies also have their own comfort and relaxing power. One can read a book while sitting on the porch and a cup of tea or coffee in other hand. That comfort of reading a paper book, turning its pages, and using bookmark is also something people love so much.

But when we compare ebooks with hard copies, ebooks are gaining more popularity.

Also, no matter what you are selling, textbooks or ebooks, reaching out to your customers is also easy since the world is more tech friendly and prefer doing things that can be done on their hand held devices. Let’s look at some parameters which make ebooks more comfortable and popular with people.

Table of Contents

In a physical book, you have to search through the pages to reach out to your preferred option in table of contents. But the ebooks today are having clickable TOC, which helps you reach the page you want with just 1 click. You don’t have to scroll your way up or down to navigate through the book.

This table of contents comes handy when you are reading a textbook or an academic book. With just a minimum effort, you reach the page you want to read.

Sync with the Cloud

If you have internet on the device you are reading your book, you can easily sync that book with the cloud. This helps you read the book on any device available to you. This feature is advantageous for those who read books on different devices. There are various vendors like Amazon, which can analyze which was the last page you read. And then, you can begin from where you left.

Pick from where you left on your way to work or any other free time. Could sync really comes handy in the case of ebooks.

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