How to Protect Yourself from Email and SMS Spam?

Ever since the onset of digital evolution, the spams have also become common. No matter whether they are email spams or SMS spams, they have caused a lot of troubles to the people.

Today, when everything is going digital in all sense, spam attacks have also become extremely common. As per, there are numerous anonymous sms software, that allows user to send sms all over the world anonymously. These software have made spam attacks all the more common, since you cannot trace back from which number the message has been originally sent.

Similarly, in the case of emails, spammers lure people in the name of free goodies or lotteries. And those who are not much familiar with the spams, they fall prey to these spammers and phishing emails.

But did you know, there are numerous ways you can protect yourself from all of this. Whether it is email spams, or sms spams, you can safeguard yourself if you follow some simple steps.

Anti Spam software

Although it is difficult to eliminate all spams, but you can definitely reduce the number. There are many anti spam software available in the market today that help you clear your inbox from all spams. Due to software intelligence today, many such software are able to automatically identify such illegitimate messages and clear them for you.

If any message is left out, you can flag that message yourself, and the filter will identify to spam such kind of messages in future.

Self Awareness for SMS

When it comes to text messages, there are some things you need to be aware of. Self awareness is the best asset when you have to protect yourself from spam messages in your inbox.

  • Do not open any link that is sent through the text. Even when you think it is from your trusted bank or friend. No matter how urgent they sound, do not open the links.
  • Do not respond back the messages asking for your personal information. Again, neither to your friend, nor bank, or any other trusted source. Always call and give the information.

These are the 2 most important steps that will save you from spam messages filling your inbox. Always treat your personal information as if it is some cash. You never know what all can be done with your information.

SMS organizer

There are many mobile applications coming up that help you filter out the spams. SMS organizer is one such application you will find in your app store. This application automatically filters out the personal, transactional, and promotional messages for you.

Alternatively, truecaller application also helps you segregate the spam messages from your regular messages. These apps help a lot when it comes to mobile safety from spams.

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