How to Create your Own 123Movies Like Website?

123Movies has become a very popular thing in today’s time. Earlier, this was one of the most popular pirate movies website, where one could watch movies for free. But last year, in March 2018, this website was shut down due to piracy.

Since this website was extremely popular with people all over the world, the craze never died down. So, in order to bank upon the opportunity, a lot of people started opening their own 123movies website version, where they offer many free new movies to people. Not just one, there are plenty of such websites in play today, such as hackimdb, gostreams, etc.

And it is really not difficult to make such website. So if you are also looking to create your own 123movies website, then here are some tips for you.

Choose a Suitable Platform

You can anytime prefer to make a website from scratch, with all that coding involved. But why you have to waste your time and money on that?

When there are plenty of platforms available on the internet to make a website, it is much better to use them instead of going from scratch. Out of variety of options available, we highly recommend you WordPress. And the reason for the same is that this platform is used by majority of website developers all over the world. The features WordPress provides you with is just so many. Name anything you want in your website, and WordPress will be able to offer you.

Pick a Theme

Find a website you feel highly attracted to when you think of 123movies. Take that theme as your benchmark. Try to use a theme that is roughly similar in design to your preferred theme. Just keep in mind that you are dealing with movies here.

Keeping that concept in your mind, choose any good theme you come across and start building your website.

Suitable plugins

Next comes the plugins. For any functionality you need on your website, you will find a suitable plugin for the same. Since you have to embed videos on your website, find a plugin that fulfills your need and makes your website good looking. Similarly, add few more plugins based on the functions you need.

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