Can you trust a Service which is Free?

When the service is already free, what’s the harm to try that out.

This is usually the common belief of many people when they see something for free. Getting something for free which won’t harm you in any case, is usually accepted easily by people. But when it comes to things like free food, people become conscious because that is directly related to their health.

Talking about the trust factor, as long as the service you are getting cannot impact your health in negative way, you can trust that.

Let’s take an example of a cap.

A person gives away his cap to someone for free. When it is free, the buyer will have very low expectations of what it can do. Without giving any thought that person will purchase it. Now, when he uses it on a hot summer day, he would be neutral towards what it can do or what not. But when the cap will prove its worth by saving the person from heat, he will be extremely happy with the free product he got.

It all depends on what kind of service or product you are getting for free.


People are not always open to the thought of getting free product. For example, a person is selling his AC unit for free. People would surely start doubting on its capability. If the person is selling for free, what could be the problem in this that he himself cannot use it.

Most probably the person has a spare AC and he just wants to get rid of his current AC unit quickly. But the FREE label would be met with great skepticism from people. Why is the person selling his unit for FREE? When the same person sells that same AC unit for $50, just to sell it off quickly, people would be happy to make a purchase.

So, not all the free products can be trusted by people fully.

For another instance, if a person loves to bet on sports, he would be highly elated on getting some free bets from any of the UK betting sites. BUT, at the same time, he would wonder why the website is giving away free bets when they can charge for the service. So, just to be on safer side, he will try with low amounts that won’t be harmful in the long run. Once he has that confidence, he would start trusting the website to give him some nice tips for free.

Hence, in nutshell, a person can trust a service as long as it is not causing any harm. If you are still skeptical, you can always take cautious steps and prove its worth.

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