Responsive Website Design and Why Your Business Needs it

Recent research has shown that more and more users are accessing websites via their mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have a responsive web design so that it is easily accessible to those users.

Because your mobile users are going to be a substantial portion of your user base, you want to make sure that your website is going to be easy to use for them and everything is logically laid out for mobile use. You also want it to be accessible in the search engines and loading quickly!

Will Your Site Pass Google’s New Mobile Friendly Test?

Google launched recently their mobile-friendly test tool. It will determine whether your or not your site is set up to be well designed and developed for mobile users. It will give you either a pass or fail grade. Depending on the site, it will give you more or less information about the situation and whether your mobile web design is configured correctly.

This tool is super useful to help you determine if your site is set up right to be usable by your mobile customers and viewers. And if you do not pass this test, it is going to hurt your search rankings, so this is very important. If you get a no pass score here, you definitely want to follow any advice they give you and implement their tips.

Google has recently stated that your business website wont even be indexed in the SERPs if it does not pass the Mobile Friendly test. All sites are indexed with mobile design as the priority.

Search Engine Optimization

This is in a sense going to play into the above one as well. SEO has to do with where you are going to place in the search results. It has to do with keyword density, content, back links and other factors. None of these matter if your site is not responsive on all devices and especially Mobile Friendly.

Learn as much as you can about search engine optimization and how it affects your mobile users. If you are located outside or in the Oregon area, you can contact one of the top Portland SEO companies to help consult with you on this service.

Vertical Search

Vertical search focuses on a specific segment of online content. These are also referred to as specialty, or topic search engines.  Common types include:

  • Shopping
  • Automotive industry
  • Legal information
  • Medical information
  • Literature
  • Educational information
  • Job search
  • Travel

They typically use a focused crawler, as opposed to having to search an index the entirety of the internet, or a larger portion at the very least. They have greater precision.

Vertical search plays a big role in responsive and mobile friendly websites.

So, what is Responsive Web Design?

This is an approach that hints at the fact that web development and web design should respond to the behavior of the user and the user’s environment dependent on screen size, platform, and orientation.  In other words, it should adapt to the device the user is accessing the material with. Delve into the world of mobile web design and make your site mobile friendly!

Your online business website has to be mobile friendly and if it has not passed Google’s new Mobile Friendly test, look into finding a quality web design company like Designatude.

Adjusting Screen Resolution

The diversity of types of devices mean that there are several varying types of screen resolutions that you are going to have to account for, as well as different screen definitions and different orientations.

The type, size and variety of these that are available are increasing and changing with every passing day in many digital devices. Have your website responsive for all devices for higher traffic!

How Do You Accommodate for This?

Well, you make everything flexible, of course! This is what responsive web design is all about.  You make the content and flow and your site adaptable to the interfacing device, rather than trying to make the device adapt to the content.

Don’t force your user to have to pinch and zoom and scroll around everywhere. This is not going to convince the user to stay on your site for very long. After all, responsive websites tend to keep the users engaged and keep them accessing the site much longer than unresponsive sites.

I know this may have seemed like a lot of heavy information, but it really does not have to be overwhelming. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there really is no one size fits all solution. When it comes to responsive web design, you need to keep in mind that every user is different, every device is different, and every situation is different.

More than 53% of users will spend more time on a site they have accessed through a mobile device than through a desktop computer. So capitalize on that. Get those people engaging with your content and shopping on your eCommerce site if that is what you are promoting.

In this age of post-baby boomer, millennial dominated society, more people own mobile devices than ever before. Make sure you are ready for them by researching and implementing some of the above tips and your site will be ready for this wave of the future. You might even come out on top or ahead of the game if you can make these tips work for you in your mobile web design application.

So, go for it. Grab ahold of the concepts that work for you and find the tools that fit your needs the best. Make your website shine!

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