KryptoGraphe – The Best Crypto Tracker

A crypto tracker plays a very important role for those who are new to blockchain, or are serious investors and traders. This tracker provides them a way to track the real time value of currency. If you want to become a crypto trader, or if you are interested in bitcoins and altcoins, then you definitely would need this tracker to monitor and keep track of currencies.

There are numerous crypto trackers available on the web today. But not every tracker is perfect. Some may offer the best services, while some may offer the best interface. Here we will talk about one such crypto tracker, KryptoGraphe. So far, this is one of the best trackers you will come across.


Using kryptographe, you will get the real time insights and informed decisions for your cryptocurrency investments. Moreover, the interface of this tracker is very user friendly, which adds to its popularity with the people. And that has also made it a popular topic in the latest blockchain & cryptocurrency news.

You can find a free cryptocurrency portfolio manager here on krytographe. And it has way too many features that you are going to love. Some of them include:

  • FIFO based portfolio performance insights, as well as accounting
  • Great metrics and dashboard
  • Current state view of Coin Market Cap Top 100
  • Regular news update, and so on.

This tracker is available in 13 languages across the world, thereby making it extremely popular.

Through Kryptographe, you can get a detailed view of your portfolio, i.e., what is the profit, loss, and what is the percentage of growth or decline. You can sort these views by coins, exchange, period, etc. You can also have a track of how your portfolio is performing against that of other investors. This helps you understand what is your real time performance. For example, you can look at all investors, top 25% investors, those from your own country, those who have similar portfolio sizes, and so on.

You can also check your positioning in the investment market by not only checking your absolute growth, but percentile growth as well. That means you can check where your portfolio stands in comparison to others. Along with this, you will get updated on latest happenings going on in the investment market and crypto currency world.

And this is not all! There are numerous more benefits to this tracker, hence making it the best.

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