Should you Buy Blog Posts? Is it useful?

Every person, who is working on SEO front for his website, tries to buy as many blog posts as possible. While this is a highly common practice, is it really good?

Since a long time, Google continues to bring changes in it SEO practices, that would benefit more and more people who are following genuine ways to rank. And for that, it has continuously recommended not to purchase the links. But this does not work in the real world. To get maximum benefits out of the SEO, people go for blog posts as much as they can.

Hence, if you purchase blog posts, you are not doing anything wrong, as long as you are not overdoing it. Getting backlinks through blogs work greatly if it is in a spread out manner, which means you should not purchase a large number of links all at a time.

Now let’s talk about how these blog posts are useful.

Traffic increase

This is definitely the largest plus point of buying blog posts. The whole idea of buying them is to get backlinks of good quality. Usually you get links from blogs or websites which have good traffic already. And through your posts on those websites, you are getting indirect traffic to your site.

In this manner, your traffic would start increasing as you keep building backlinks through those websites. Many local SEO services, one of which you would have hired for your own website, focuses on these backlink building practices only.

Reaping benefits from the high authority of websites

It is usually recommended to build backlinks from websites which have higher authority. But many people fail to understand the quality vs quantity point. And so, they focus on building as many links as they can, even if they are of extremely poor quality. However, this has rather bad effect on the overall reputation of your website.

So even though your links are large in number, you might end up getting less and less traffic and poorer ranking in search results. Hence, always go for quality backlinks. This way, your ranking would drastically improve if you have less links, but from high authority benefits. The high authority of these websites benefit you greatly.

The high authority sites in all verticals these days have many experts in the blogosphere helping people find the best products and services. If you decide it’s your turn to be the next topical expert with an authority on any given area of expertise then providing readers real value is the core mission you have to have. Whether you are doing something as mundane as adult webcam reviews, or teaching people how to make a good coffee. It doesn’t matter as long as your content is detailed and top notch. Now it may not be easy for your to create such content yourself, so you can always buy such blog posts from someone else like a ghost writer.

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