Top 20 Lenovo K8 Note Features

In the current times, mobiles and electronic devices have played a very major role in connecting people throughout the world. Many brands have been coming up with new mobiles every year to mark itself best in the market, ensuring to give its users the best experience.

Lenovo k8 note is thus here and it is here to stay. Lenovo has successfully been able to launch the Lenovo k8 note which comes with killer features and specifications. With a 5.5 inches full HD touchscreen, Lenovo is built up of all kinds of good features you would want in your electronic device.

Here are some of the top Lenovo k8 features you would want to consider before you make up your mind and buy a new mobile this season.

General details and features about Lenovo K8 note

  • Lenovo k8 note was launched in August, 2017 so it is not a very old model. The note device comes with a 5. 5- inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.
  • The prices of the device through different websites in India but it starts from a value of rupees 7, 349.
  • The battery capacity of the device is 4000 mAh and the batteries are not removable.
  • It is available in beautiful and unique colors such as fine gold and black venom.
  • The processor is of 1.4 GHz with a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage.
  • The storage is of expandable nature and can be extended with the use of a microSD card and can be expanded up to 128 GB.
  • A few details about the camera are as follows:
  • Rear camera: 13- megapixels.
  • Rear flash- dual ended
  • Front camera- 13- megapixel
  • Front flash- LED present
  • The operating system which is supported in this device is android 7.1.1
  • It is a dual sim phone and gets easily connected to Wi- Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, FM and many more amenities.
  • The size of the sim which is supported by the device is that of a Nano sim and supports both 3G and 4G connectivity.
  • Other sensor options and facilities which are included with the device include:
  • Proximity sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Magnetometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Comes with an amazing 10- core processor.
  • Get plenty of space to store your pictures, videos, movies, install games, download music and do much more without having to drain your storage memory quickly.
  • With the depth mode available at the time of clicking pictures, along with various other effects, you do not need a DSLR any more and can make your pictures be social media worth, every time you click one.
  • The design of the Lenovo k8 note is very delicate yet sturdy. With curvy edges and a beautiful bilateral symmetry, you are bound to flaunt your Lenovo note, every time you are out.
  • The Lenovo k 8 note comes with a stock android which gives you a lighter and baggage free experience.

Pros and cons of Lenovo k8 note.


  • Lenovo k8 note is the first device launched by Lenovo with dual camera setup at the back so you will not regret your purchase.
  • The focusing speed and the features of the camera are extremely well- put so you are bound to get amazing picture outputs.
  • The phone is full metal- built so it is very sturdy, strong and of good quality.
  • Turbo charging is supported by the battery.
  • With Dolby Atmos speakers, the sound system is very strong and well enhanced.
  • The stock android which is available with Lenovo k8 note is much quicker, smarted and lighter.
  • Comes with in- built google assistance to make your work easier and more convenient.
  • Extra music key button is available which an exclusive feature of this model of device is.
  • You can use both your Sims and micro SD card, together, without any lagging in the working and processing of the device.


  • The GPS which is available in the device can at times make your device a little warm if used for an extensive period of time.
  • Fingerprint feature is available but only for the unlocking of device and no other function such as taking a picture or opening any other app.
  • At times, playing games on your device for longer periods of time can also cause it getting heated up.
  • You cannot record 4K or slow- motion videos with the device.
  • The device weighs 180 grams so some of the users might find it a bit on the heavier side.

Buy your Lenovo from here

You can buy your Lenovo k8 note from various online websites such as amazon, flipkart, and much more.

Other than that, you can use paytm promo code and get exciting offers and discounts when you make your purchase of the Lenovo k 8 note. Paytm mall coupons can be used at the time of your checkout to get discounts on your purchase and buy your device at a much lower price compared to anywhere else.

It’s time for Lenovo k8 note

Over all, considering the price of the Lenovo k8 note and the multiple features and pros it has to offers, it is safe to say that Lenovo k8 note would be a good purchase. You can also buy this as a gift for your loved ones and in fact you can also buy it for yourself in case you have been wanting to buy a new device.

Businessman, blogger, traveler, student, no matter what your profession is, Lenovo k8 note is ensures to give you an easy and nice experience both outdoors and indoors. Charge your batteries and have a good battery back- up for a couple of days and save yourself from carrying an extra camera when you are planning your next trip because the Lenovo k8 note is supposed to give you the best of both worlds.

It ensures to make your work simpler and your pictures prettier.


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