Can awarding Plaques over certificates help boost employee Morale?

Before answering that question, why do you think boosting employee morale is important?

When you don’t do that, retaining employees might become tough. When more employees continue to leave you, your company’s bottom line might take a hit too. And then getting new employees every time and train them can also become difficult to manage.

So, if not for anything else, retaining your employees become important for managing your business operations efficiently. And for that, boosting their morale is important

Now whether plaques can do that or not?

Definitely they can. And they work much better than handing out mere certificates. Why?

A person keeps getting certificates right from his childhood. Attending a function or event, taking a part in some competition, coming first in elementary school, etc. are some events where a person gets certificate. And since a certificate is associated with a minor feat maximum time, they do not make much of an impact on people achieving good in the business.

So rather than doing good, these certificated might take a U-turn and lead the employees towards casual behavior and demotivation.

Awarding Plaques

Now instead of giving out certificates, if companies start handing out plaques for major achievements, it would not only boost your employees’ morale, but also give a push to other employees too to work harder.

Even though these plaques are costly, it is still better keeping in mind the increase in productivity that these plaques would bring. Rather than the 1 winning award plaques, each and every employee would be boosted to perform excellently the next season. Why is that so?

A plaque is something which not everybody can get. Since they are costly, very few achievements are worthy enough to get the plaques. And so, if an employee wins this, he would definitely like to show that off to his friends, family and everybody else. Along with that, he would also be motivated to win more such plaque awards every time possible. And so he would make additional efforts to work wonder.

That is the reason why plaques are proving to be highly beneficial than the certificates, when it comes to boosting employees’ morale.

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